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Graduate Schools, Programs, Departments, Research Guidance, and Supervisors (English-based Program)

Graduate Schools Departments Research Guidance
and Supervisors
(Contact Information)
Graduate School
of Fundamental Science
and Engineering
Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics List
Department of Applied Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering List
Department of Electronic and Physical Systems List
Department of Intermedia Studies List
Department of Computer Science and Communications Engineering List
Department of Materials Science List ×
Graduate School
of Creative Science
and Engineering
Department of Architecture List
Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering List
Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering List ×
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering List
Department of Earth Sciences, Resources and Environmental Engineering List
Department of Business Design & Management List ×
Graduate School
of Advanced Science
and Engineering
Department of Pure and Applied Physics List
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry List
Department of Applied Chemistry List
Department of Life Science and Medical Bioscience List
Department of Electrical Engineering and Bioscience List
Department of Integrative Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering List
Department of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering List
Cooperative Major in Advanced Biomedical Sciences × ×
Cooperative Major in Advanced Health Science × ×
Cooperative Major in Nuclear Energy List ×
  • Contacting your prospective supervisor at least one month before application is strongly recommended. Confirm the details about supervisors through the Researcher Database and the list of Research Guidance and Supervisors above.

Admission Fee, Tuition, and Miscellaneous Fees

General Information and Application Documents for All Admissions

  • Print the application guidelines and documents, because the applicable documents are not distributed at the Graduate Admissions Office, Center for Science and Engineering.
Screening Fee
(Only for Residents in Japan)
Statement of Source of Funds
(Only for Foreign Nationals)
Application for Certificate of Eligibility
(Only for Foreign Nationals Residing outside Japan)
Agreement for Defraying Expenses
(Only for Foreign Nationals Residing outside Japan)
Application Form for Screening Fee Waiver
Request Form for Return of Submitted Materials

AO Admission to English-based Graduate Program (Including Research Student Program)

# To prevent the spread of COVID-19, currently some classes are held online. Please note that NON-DEGREE RESEARCH STUDENTS who takes online classes only, may not be able to enter Japan and may have difficulties in obtaining their visa or have restrictions after securing their status of residence. Please take this into consideration and decide if you wish to apply for our program. (2020.10)

Application Guidelines
  • Application Guidelines for Entering in September 2022 and April 2023 (Uploaded on November, 30, 2021)
  • Online Application (You can access it DURING THE APPLICATION PERIOD)
  • Course List (Syllabus Search) (Only for Master’s Degree Program Students)
  • Course List (for Entering in September 2022 and April 2023) (Only for Master’s Research Students) (※There is possibility that the courses will be changed)
Application Documents
Registration Guidelines for Japanese Language Courses (Only for Research Students)

Exchange Programs by Departmental Agreement for Master’s and Doctoral Program



The Japanese Government has announced that it will extend the state of emergency, which has been declared mainly in Tokyo and some areas of Japan, until MARCH 21th, 2021. Currently, irregular conditions and restrictions are imposed and “NEW-ENTRY” and “VISA ISSUANCE” are currently suspended and this measure will continue for the time being with the RE-extension of the state of emergency.

Please visit the below link for the latest information for the exchange students released from Center for International Education at Waseda University (as of March 8th, 2021).

The situation may change at the time of September 2021 enrollment, but we hope we can update the information if necessary.


To the home institutions: Please consider carefully and understand the risks and uncertainties regarding COVID-19 whether you wish to nominate your students for the September 2021 enrollment.

If you decide to withdraw your nomination, please let us know immediately. To defer enrollment to spring 2022 semester, the students are required to withdraw their application for fall 2021 semester, and re-apply for the spring semester again.


Application Guidelines

The applicant and his/her home institution (university) will need to complete the following procedures by the deadline.

STEP1: First, the applicant’s home institution will need to send us an official Nomination List by email to: in-sci-exchange#list.waseda.jp
(When you send us an email, please replace # with @)

Applicants desired supervisor:
Please refer to “Graduate Schools, Programs, Research Guidance and Supervisors” on the upper part of this website and select one supervisor.
Please note that if applicants apply for their exchange programs without official nominations from their home institutions, we will not accept their applications.

The deadline of nomination from the applicant’s home institution
April Enrollment:  by the end of October
September Enrollment:  by the end of April

STEP2: After we receive the nomination email from the applicant’s home institution, we will make contact with the professor whom the applicant wish to be supervised and ask for permission whether the applicant can apply for the exchange program or not.

Later, we will email the applicant’s home institution whether the applicant can continue the application process.

STEP3: For those who are permitted to apply for the exchange student program, please POST the following application documents to us by the deadline. Track your shipment with companies like UPS, DHL, and FedEx.

The deadline of submission documents
April Enrollment: by the end of November
September Enrollment: by the end of May

STEP4: The results will be announced by email to the applicant by the following date.

April Enrollment:  by the end of January
September Enrollment:  by the end of July


Applicants must submit the following Application Documents

(Please post A. to H. to us)

A. Application Form, Statement of Financial Resources and Agreement for Defraying Expenses  all available here ⇒(Word/PDF)

B. Online Application
This online application is for the EXCHANGE PROGRAM applicant only. It is not for the individual applicant applying for the English-based Graduate Program.

C. Checklist (Word/PDF)

D. 3 colored ID photos (W 3 cm x H 4 cm/ Paste one of them on the upper part of the A. Application Form and enclose other 2 photos with your application documents)

E. Original Academic Transcript
(If the academic transcripts are not written in English or Japanese, attach an official translation or original notarizations with seals in English or Japanese)

F. Passport copy (photocopy the face page with your information)

G. Original Certificate of Deposit Balance in English issued by a financial institution (The name of the person who will support you financially needs to be indicated in the Certificate). If you will be receiving scholarships, please submit an official scholarship award letter to verify that you will be receiving it. Your name and the scholarship amount must be specified in the letter. If you will be covering your expenses on your own, please submit your own Certificate of Deposit Balance.

H. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (AFCOE)
Please fill out or select each part CORRECTLY and NEATLY.
Download the Application form and TYPE your information.
The sample is provided on our website, so please take a look before you fill out the application.

Japanese-based Program

  • Application guidelines and documents for Japanese-based program are available at our website.


Enrollment Documents for English program

#This website is to be updated continuously. Thus, please make sure to visit the website regularly and keep yourself updated.

Documents necessary for your entrance procedures are available on this page. Personal documents such as Online Entrance Registration System User ID information will be sent to you individually, so please wait until it reaches to you.  Please make sure that you complete all necessary entrance procedures by the prescribed deadline. No procedures can be done after the deadline under any circumstances.

List of the Documents for Freshman in April 2022  Enrollment

Guide to Entrance Procedures for April 2022 enrollment Please download the Guide and read it carefully.
・Online Entrance Registration System User ID Information #It will be posted to you later
Notification for Delay of Admission Procedure Documents for April 2022 #Please download the document and submit it if necessary.
・Prescribed Remittance Form #It will be posted to you later  (only for those who reside in Japan)

# Those who wish to make the payment outside Japan, please check the overseas transfer information(p.3) in the Guide to Entrance Procedures

Oath of Academic Integrity #Only for Doctoral Students

#Please download and submit it.

・Guidance for new students (English-based Undergraduate/Graduate Program

#To be updated in March 2022

The website for enrollee has been set up. This website is to contain important preparatory information (e.g. how to obtain Waseda ID / schedule for course registration, guidance / student VISA etc.) and you will be required to follow the instruction ahead of your enrollment. Besides, this website is to be updated continuously. Thus, please make sure to visit the website regularly and keep yourself updated.

・Important [FSE] notice on classes

Please visit the site just before your enrollment.
Information of WASEDA UNIVERSITY STUDENT DORMITORY # If you have questions, please contact the dormitory office through their website directly.

#The Graduate Admission Office cannot answer to the questions regarding the dormitory or the accommodation issues.


Entrance Procedure Checklist for April 2022 admission #Please download and submit it with other documents.
For international undergraduate and graduate students planning to register for Japanese language courses

Japanese Course Registration for International Students

#If you want to take Japanese language courses by Center for Japanese language, please check the introduction.

*Research Students (Non degree students) MUST apply for the Center for Japanese lanuguage courses before registration, please check the 【For Non-degree Students in Undergraduate or Graduate Schools at WASEDA】Notification of Application Period for Japanese Language Courses

#If you have any questions about Japanese language courses, please contact Center for Japanese language office directly.

【For Non-degree Students in Undergraduate or Graduate Schools at WASEDA】Notification of Application Period for Japanese Language Courses #If RESEARCH STUDENTS (NON DEGREE STUDENTS) want to take Japanese language courses, you MUST apply for the Center for Japanse language’s admission. After passing their admission, you can take Japanse language Courses by CJL.

#The Graduate Admission Office CANNOT answer the questions regarding the Center for Japanese language’s admission, please contact their office directly.

Academic Calendar
・Health Checkup for Students #To be updated

#English follows Japanese.

Information Security for you #Please read ” To all students” part.
・【CIE】Orientation for Privately Funded International Students #Not ready yet(it will be updated before your enrollment)
・Orientation for MEXT Students by Center for International Education #Only for MEXT scholarship students
Introduction about co-operative
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