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This course allows the student to gain credit by submitting two reports on any activities the student has undertaken on a voluntary basis, of their own accord, in the past year in relation to the many crucial issues facing human society – including (but not limited to): human welfare, disaster relief, human rights and peace environments. The two reports must be submitted within the year, and must report on both the ‘volunteer activitiesEand ‘personal development gained from being a volunteerE

Please note, any activities related to a specific religion or politics will not be applicable in this subject. The submitted reports will be subject to publication.

Year Semester Credit
Graduate Students From 1st year Fall or Spring semester 1 credit
Undergraduate Students From 2nd year Fall or Spring semester 2 credits
Group D


  • Volunteer course will be taken only once during enrollment in school.
  • In substance, need to engage in the volunteer activity more than 5 days.

For those who wish to have such credit recognized, please follow the procedure outlined below.

1. Course Registration

Please submit the following documents to the Center for Science and Engineering by the 8 days before you start volunteer activity.

  • Pre-Volunteer Application Form
  • Consent Form of Guarantor

2. Report Submission

For students who have registered their Volunteer course, please submit the following two items.

(1)“Volunteer Activity ReportEETwo A4 pages.


  • Ensure the report includes: the period of volunteer activities, location, activity details, outcomes, etc.
  • Write clearly in a formal report format.
  • Each A4 page should have around 40 lines of 35 characters each.
  • Please attach any reference material.

(2)“Personal Development Gained through VolunteeringEESix or more A4 pages.


  • Write in reference to what you have personally gained through undertaking volunteer activities.
  • Each A4 page must contain 40 lines of 35 characters each.
  • Structure the report by dividing each specific point into headings.

Due date: submit these reports to the Center for Science and Engineering within two weeks after completion of the volunteer activities.

3. Grading / Results

Grading will be based on the reports outlined above. In some cases, an interview may also be required (you will be contacted directly should this be the case).

Results will be published with all other class results at the end of each semester.

They may be published in a different semester depending on when you submit the required documents as shown below:

Semester Publish a grade for this semester Publish a grade for next semester
Fall Semester Submit by the end of Jan in Fall Semester. Submit after Feb in Fall Semester.
Spring Semester Submit by the end of July in Spring Semester. Submit after Aug in Spring Semester.




Update: 2012 July 1st

Student Clubs

Guide to Waseda University Clubs

There is a variety of officially registered clubs at Waseda University. Clubs are a great way to make friends and to learn more about Japanese culture. Take advantage of this golden opportunity!

If you are interested in joining a club, please check the following website:

Medical Matters and Insurances

National Health Insurance Scheme (Kokumin Kenko Hoken)

International students with a “College Student” visa are required to enroll in the National Health Insurance Scheme (Kokumin Kenko Hoken). You can enroll for this national health insurance scheme at the National Health Insurance Section of the municipal office where you applied for your Foreign Resident Registration. The National Health Insurance will cover 70% of your medical expenses and you will only need to pay the remaining 30%. (Please note that childbirth, traffic accidents, medical check-ups and cosmetic surgery are not covered by the insurance.) When you go to a hospital or clinic, be sure to bring your National Health Insurance card and show it to them. After joining in this national health insurance scheme, you will have to make monthly insurance fee payments. International students with no income could receive about 70% discount on their insurance fee. Please ask the National Health Insurance desk at your local municipal city office for more information.

Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association

This association covers all or part of the medical expenses which were not covered by the National Health Insurance. It is available for regular students enrolled at undergraduate and graduate schools of Waseda University. (Please note that research students and exchange students are not eligible.) The association fees (premium) are included in your school expenses each year.

In order to receive this insurance, follow the procedures described below:

How to apply for Medical Fee Reimbursement System

Student Disaster/Injury Insurance and Student Education Research Responsibility for Compensation Insurance

Student Disaster/Injury Insurance

If you are injured while studying at university or while engaging in extra-curricular activities, Waseda will cover all the expenses if you are enrolled in the “Student Disaster/Injury Insurance”. Please inquire at the Office of the Schools of Science and Engineering for more details.

Student Compensation System (Compensation for Injury)

Student Education Research Responsibility for Compensation Insurance

If you injure someone at the office where you are interning or you break some of the office equipment, and are forced to pay for the injury or damage caused, as long as you are enrolled in the “Student Education Research Responsibility for Compensation Insurance” part of the damages will be covered. Please inquire at the Office of the Schools of Science and Engineering for more details.

Student Compensation System(Liability Coverage)

Study Abroad Insurance

All participants in Waseda University’s study abroad programs are required to purchase a health insurance plan designated by Waseda University. Its cost is almost half the price of most other general insurance plans. Please inquire at the Center for International Education for more details.

For Your Safety

Center for International Education
(Bldg. #22 4F, Waseda campus)
Tel: 03- 3207-1454 Fax: 03- 3202-8638
E-mail: [email protected]

Lost & Found

Most lost and found articles on Nishi-Waseda campus find their way to the Office of the Schools of Science and Engineering (Bldg. #51 1F).

Sometimes people who find an article immediately bring it to the office, or the university cleaning staff will bring it to us the next morning around 11:00 a.m. (except Sundays). Depending on the time of day, various on-campus offices (Laboratory, Drafting Room, Co-op, Waseda University Library, etc.) may take custody of it.

Found articles which are delivered to the Office of the Schools of Science and Engineering will be kept for three months, and after that the articles will be discarded.


Cash and articles containing cash will be kept for three months at the Office of the Schools of Science and Engineering, and after that they will be sent to the Student Affairs Section. Visit the Student Affairs Section website (http://www.waseda.jp/student/compass/english/esl37.html) about the subsequent handling of these articles.

When you have lost something, check the location you lost the item first if you know where it was (classroom, laboratory, co-op cafeteria, etc.). Then check the lost-and-found corner of the Office of the Schools of Science and Engineering.

If you lose your student identification card, bank cash card, or post office cash card, etc., immediately report the loss of the article to a nearby police station or police box.

Reissuance of your student identification card

Bring a 4 cm × 3 cm color photo and 2,000 yen, and apply for reissuance at the Office of the Schools of Science and Engineering. It takes several days to reissue a new card after you start the process. (You cannot purchase a student commuter pass until you receive a new student identification card.)

Notice : Student life

Visa renewal: Extending your period of stay

1.What if my visa expires?

Be sure to apply for extending your period of stay by the expiration date of your Residence Card. In the event you fail to apply for extension and your period of stay expires, you will be considered to be staying in Japan illegally and will be forced to leave Japan under the departure order system or via forced deportation from Japan.

While Waseda University will assist you in the process of renewing your period of stay, please keep in mind that the renewal process itself is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to complete so as to continue and complete your studies at Waseda University.

2.Preparation of application documents

You can apply for the extension of your period of stay at the Immigration Bureau from three (3) months before the expiration date. If you wish to renew your period of stay at the Academic and Student Affairs Section, Center for Science and Engineering, please submit your application documents at least ONE MONTH BEFORE THE EXPIRATION DATE. The Office receives a large number of applications throughout the year and it takes time to check them. If you submit your application less than one month before your period of stay is due to expire, we may not be able to complete the checking process before the expiration date.


①Overall procedures

On/after August 1, 2021, application documents for the extension of period of stay shall be submitted through the MyWaseda Application Form. (*In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, your application documents cannot be accepted at the Office of Academic and Student Affairs Section. Besides, application with the email attachments can no longer be accepted as of July 31, 2021.)

②Required application documents

  • Please prepare application documents mentioned above.
  • “Application for Extension of Period of Stay” and “Description of Expenses” must be prepared with “Data Entry Sheet”(EXCEL). (*Your application cannot be accepted in case you get the template of “Application for Extension of Period of Stay” and “Description of Expenses” from the CIE (Center for International Education) website separately and fill in the documents respectively.)
  • How to prepare the application documents with “Data Entry Sheet”(EXCEL) can be referred here.
  • Before you submit the application documents, please confirm with the “Checklist” in “Data Entry Sheet” whether everything is OK with your application.

3.Procedures after the extension (When you receive your new residence card)

When you receive your new residence card, please refer to this page and submit a copy of both sides of your residence card to the Academic and Student Affairs Section, Center for Science and Engineering as soon as possible. (If submitting by email, please send to: [email protected])

Please note that if you do not submit an updated residence card, your residence status information registered at Waseda University will not be updated and will be considered “expired” after the expiration date.


Contact:  International Student Desk, Academic and Student Affairs Section, Center for Science and Engineering, WASEDA University
Tel: +81-(0)3-5286-3002
Email: [email protected]

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