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Practical Matters


It is essential to take out travel insurance in your home country before coming to Japan.

In addition it is compulsory to join Japan’s national health insurance.
The amount of the premium you must pay varies by city or ward; it is, however, usually about 1,500 yen per month.

Furthermore, taking out optional vehicle liability insurance is recommended, in case of accidents. More information will be provided at the general orientation. Please consider taking out this insurance.

Living costs

Living costs differ depending on individual life styles, but the average monthly cost is 80,000 yen for housing, and 80,000 yen for living expenses (food, transportation and daily necessities).

Cross cultural exchange events offered by Intercultural Communication Center(ICC)

ICC organizes various events and programs to enable students enjoy extra-curricular activities beyond consideration of nationality, undergraduate or graduate school, or year of study. Please use these opportunities to participate in exchanges with international students and Japanese students.

Health Support Center

The Health Support Center on campus supports all students’ physical and mental health.

Disability Support Center

The Office for Students with Disabilities provide services for all students with disabilities that need support for academic learning.

Information on Everyday Living for Foreign Residents(Shinjuku-ku HP)

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