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Digital Brochure

Video Essay

Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering has released a “video essay” of current university students for prospective students.

While the liberal arts department has widely fixed its unique image, the science and engineering department is quite elusive about its image.


The student’s opinion has led us to create an introduction video of the science and engineering departments from the voice of students.

This video is starred by four students, who talk about what they think of their research projects, how they look at the world through the study of science and technology, and what future visions do they envision in their minds.

Instead of immersing themselves in their studies and focusing on specific scientific truth, they observe people’s lives, social paradigm, and seek what is beneficial for a better future.
The attitude is virtue of students in Waseda.

This is our message. Thank you for watching.


早稲田大学体験webサイトでは、理工系3学部についての学部紹介、学科・領域紹介および模擬講義を聞くことができます。学部・学科内容と講義内容を紹介する映像コンテンツが盛りだくさんです。いずれも5~10分程度の短いクリップですので、ぜひ聞いてみてください! 基幹・創造・先進理工学部以外の学部・学科、模擬講義、早大生の生活なども紹介していますので、そちらもぜひご覧ください。

Online tour

Online tour includes introductions of Student life at Waseda University in English.

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