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For September 2021 enrollees: 

  • Information on this website is applied to both Japanese-based and English-based Program students.

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September 13, 2021 

Please let us extend a warm welcome to all of you!

Information for new students of English-based Undergraduate/Graduate Program is to be updated on this website.(*) As new students are required to follow the instruction and procedures prior to the beginning of Fall Semester, please visit this website and keep yourself updated.

*Information for new students of Japanese-based Undergraduate/Graduate Program available separately here. If you are a student of Japanese-based Undergraduate/Graduate Program, please make sure to refer to the website of your program, as contents of each website is different.


1.Register your Waseda email address (activated from September 1)

To secure the close contact from the university, you have to obtain Waseda e-mail address. It is strongly recommended to be updated the information through the registered e-mail address on daily basis.

(1) access to “MyWaseda Login Page” (https://my.waseda.jp)

(2) log in with your initial Waseda Mail address(“WasedaID”+”@initial.waseda.jp”) and password
(Login becomes available on ID registration Start Date above.)

(3) Get your Waseda Mail address.([email protected]~.waseda.jp)

(4) Change your password.
※Use of MyWaseda for new students: https://www.waseda.jp/navi/e/mywaseda/entrance.html
※Waseda email address is required for login to MyWaseda. For details, please refer to:

*Note: For those who are currently enrolled in Waseda University and continue studying at Waseda University (i.e. BA students go on to MA program & MA students to doctoral program), please kindly be aware that your status will be updated to the new program after you obtain your Waseda ID. Consequently, your current ID will be no longer valid. Thus, in case you need your certificate for your current program, please make sure to obtain it before you get new Waseda ID.

*Note: “Required Seminar for All New Students” offered by Global Education Center(GEC) will be available on LMS “Waseda Moodle” since April 1. All new undergraduate and graduate students must take “Required Seminar for All New Students” and successfully complete its mini-tests. This is to ensure proper use of the information network provided by Waseda University through computers, internet, e-mail, etc. Let’s check it out!

*Required Seminar for All New Students

2.Notice about Waseda email (activated from September 1)

Waseda Mail (Gmail) is not available in certain countries or regions where access to Google services is restricted. If this is the case in your country and you have no access to Gmail, please follow this link or scan below QR code and set up to forward your emails to office 365.

3. Courses for Fall Semester 2021

With regard to the courses for Fall Semester 2021, some are conducted face-to-face, others online. Please confirm how class will be conducted in “Course Modality Categories” in each course’s web syllabus, such as In-person, Full On-demand, Hybrid, etc.

Syllabus Search

4. Course registration schedule

All students must register courses by yourself with your responsibility as we released all the necessary information on the web.

* Student can get the latest information about course registration in the following website. Materials related to the course registration (“Course Registration Guide” etc.) are available as well. Please make sure to refer to these information and materials prior to course registration.
*Web categories are different between programs. Please refer to the category which you belong to.
*As for course registration schedule, please refer to the Appendix 1 in each category.
*Request to add or drop courses after the course registration period will not be accepted for any reason.

Undergraduate (Degree program)

Undergraduate (Non-Degree program)

Graduate (Degree Program)

Graduate (Non-Degree program)

*Please check the above websites and Waseda email on daily basis before/during the course registration periods because during the periods there may be important updates related to course registration, which will be uploaded on the aforementioned web/notified by Waseda email.

5. Your student ID number

Your student ID number is available on the page of “View/Update Your Own Profile” on MyWaseda.
1) Log in to MyWaseda and go to [View/Update Your Own Profile] on the left menu of [Home] global menu.
2) Click “Update Student Profile”
3) You can find your Student ID (8 digits) under the Personal Information column.

6. Receiving your student ID card

You can receive your student ID card at the following time and date.
Don’t forget to bring your ID.

Schedule for distribution of Student ID for Undergraduate / Graduate students for September 2021 entry

Date:Tuesday, September 21
Time :  14:30~16:30
Location:Classroom 202, Bldg.52 (https://waseda.app.box.com/v/pdf-classroom-52-202

Please make sure you bring your photo ID on the day.
A photo ID is preferred, but if you don’t have one, an ID without a photo is acceptable.

ID with a photo ID without a photo
Passport, Residence card and Driver’s license Health Insurance card

<Notice all students>
・If you cannot come to pick it up on the date, please come to the Academic and Student Affair’s Section at the Center for Science and Engineering at the grand floor of the Bldg. 51 on the other day. If you are living overseas, you can pick it up after entering Japan.
・If you come before 2:30 p.m., you will not be able to receive it.
・No one else can pick up your student card.
・Please wear a mask on the date.
・Upon your receipt, you need to double check if all the information (name, date of birth, registered address) are correct. Besides, if any changes to your address or telephone number in Japan occur after enrollment, update your information through My Waseda (“menu”>“profile”). Once you have updated your information, please drop by the“and receive a new backside sticker to put on your Student ID.

7. Guidance schedule

  • Major guidance information for English-based undergraduate students: Guidance Schedule
  • For doctoral students, Guidance Material.
  • Basic materials for the new students are available here. Other documents may be added in due course.
  • Though the Handbook is available from the below link, hard copy will be handed to each new student. Please visit the “Academic and Student Affair’s Section at the Center for Science and Engineering” at the grand floor of the Bldg. 51, Nishi Waseda Campus at your convenience time. Handbook for AY2021
  • [FYI] Academic Calendar
  • Orientation Documents provided by Center for International Education (CIE) (*Webinar will be held on September 17 (Fri.) from 13:00 to 15:00 (Japan local time). The URL for webinar is to be announced on this CIE website.)

8. Student Visa

For those who need to renew the student visa in April or May, it is strongly recommended to check the website here carefully. The university can only issue the visa documents upon the completion of your preparation.

9. Resident Registration/Submission of photocopy of your residence card

For regular students

*Please refer to this part only if you yet to submit your Certificate of Residence to the Admissions Office in Center for Science and Engineering. If you are any visa holders other than Japanese nationality, please go to the ward or city office of your residence with your passport and Residence Card (在留カード) to complete Resident Registration (住民登録) as soon as possible. After Resident Registration, you need to purchase your Certificate of Residence (住民票) and submit it to the Student Affairs Office in Center for Science and Engineering, Bldg. 51.

– If you cannot come to Japan, your delay submission will be acceptable. After coming to Japan, please submit it to the Student Affairs Office. If you cannot meet the deadline, please submit the document to the Student Affairs Office once it’s ready.

For exchange students

If you are any visa holders other than Japanese nationality, please go to the ward or city office of your residence with your passport and Residence Card (在留カード) to complete Resident Registration (住民登録) as soon as possible.

FYI: What is a residence card?


After Resident Registration, please prepare a photocopy of your residence card (在留カードzai-ryu card) and attach it to a “Status of Residence Notification Form” (document C). Then, please submit the original of document C a soon as possible and make sure to meet following requirements: – Your residence card number must be clearly indicated on the photocopy.

– Your address registered at the city office must be indicated on either side of your residence card.

– If you cannot come to Japan, your delay submission will be acceptable. After coming to Japan, please submit it to the Student Affairs Office. If you cannot meet the deadline, please submit the document to the Student Affairs Office once it’s ready. You can download a format of “Status of Residence Notification Form” from the link below.

Document C : “Status of Residence Notification Form”


10. About "Waseda Moodle"(Learning Management System)

Before activate the Waseda Moodle, please obtain your Waseda email address. The user guide is available here.

Notice/Assignment of your courses can be informed through Waseda Moodle. Thus, please make sure to check it frequently.

11. Support Anywhere

Support Anywhere is designed to help students get the information they need online whenever possible. (*ID/Password for Support Anywhere can be posted on the notice board of MyWaseda page.)

You should first look for the information you want to know on this site, and if you still can’t find a solution to your problem, please contact us/book an appointment to visit us.

12. About “Entrance Ceremony”
(for all English-based Undergraduate Program Students)

Date & Time: September 21 (Tue)
Venue : 2F, #63 Bldg. (@Nishi-Waseda Campus)

  • Introductory meeting

Date & Time: September 21 (Tue) : 13:40~14:40
Venue : 2F, #63 Bldg. (@Nishi-Waseda Campus)

*For details on the Common Entrance Ceremony, please refer to the University’s website

Date & Time: September 21 (Tue): 11:00~11:45
Venue: Waseda Arena, Toyama Campus


13. Student Health Check-up

Health Check-up is planning to be held in October. For details, please refer to the website of the Health Support Center(TBA) and notices on MyWaseda.

The Regular Health Check-up for Students enrolled in September 2021(English_ Japanese)

14. Inquiry

Please refer to below FAQ first as this could answer your question.

FAQ for international students

When sending emails for inquiries, please present your name and “Examinee’s number” or “Student ID number (after you obtained)”. Besides, please make sure to use Waseda email once you get it in September.

Class/Tuition/Certificate/Student Life

[email protected]


Undergraduate Schools:

[email protected]

Graduate Schools:

[email protected]

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