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Nishi-Waseda Campus for the Faculty of Science and Engineering

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Facilities for Education

Experimental Laboratories(Bldg.#56 2F to 4 / Bldg.#63 B1F)

Basic Laboratory Works (Physics, Chemistry, Life Science) for the compulsory subjects in the first year


Physics of swing of pendulum


DNA extraction

Students learn practical academic skills based on their developing engineered approach


Pharmaceutical synthesis


Heat diffusion

Computer Rooms(Bldg.#63 3F)

The Computer Rooms has 460 computers you may use at the time you need. You can ask about any problems regarding computing at the helpdesk whenever you are in troubles.

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Drafting / CAD Room(Bldg.#57 1F)

Students learn drafting both handwriting with a drafting table and CAD. The room is also available out of classes.


Materials Laboratory(Bldg.#59 1F)

The Laboratory for investigation and research to analyze destruction mechanism and test strength of structure.
They offer the laboratory works about destructive inspection of lumber, metals, and cement, also oscillation experiment of buildings and others.


Engineering Laboratory(Bldg.#59 B1F)

Students learn the fundamental skills for engineering at this laboratory. They experience to make parts and test pieces with provided machine tools in the production field.


Facilities for Research

Microtecnology Laboratory(Bldg.#55 B1F)

This is the facility to manufacture in the Nano world. There is a clean room that maintains the environmental condition of temperature, humidity, and airflow, etc at one level.(Photo on the right side)


Materials Characterization Central Laboratory(Bldg.#55 B1F)

This is the facility to examine the structure and nature of the materials.

Nuclear magnetic resonance equipment

Nuclear magnetic resonance equipment


Photoelectron spectroscopy equipment

Center for Advanced Biomedical Sciences(Bldg.#50)

The Tokyo Women’s Medical University and Waseda University have conducted joint research and promoted interaction among researchers in interdisciplinary fields encompassing both medicine and engineering.


Bio experiment


Encompassing space

Environmental Safety Center(Bldg.#55)

This center strives to prevent environmental pollution, to lighten the environment impact, and to preserve the safe living environment for local residents.


Periodic wastewater analysis

Facilities for Campus Life

Science and Engineering Library(Bldg.#51 B1F/B2F)/Student’s Reading Room(School of Sciencen and Engineering(Bldg.#52/53 B1F))

Science and Engineering Library, one of the main libraries at Waseda University, houses about 300,000 volumes printed in Japan and abroad. Student Reading Room also supports students providing distinct information and research services corresponding to school curriculum.

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Rikoh Restraurant(Bldg.#63 1F)


Rikoh Cafeteria(Bldg.#56 B1F)


Student Lounge(Bldg.#51 2F)

Student Lounge offers you a comfortable space to talk with your friend, have meetings on student circles (clubs), and more!! In addition, you can gain access through a free wireless LAN.


CO-OP College Store and Book Store(Bldg.#57 B1F)

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Information Gallery(Bldg.#63 1F)

Information Gallery locates at the entrance of Bldg. #63. 65-inch screen placed in the display case shows news, topics and information. ‘WABOT’, 3 robots symbolizing the robotic engineering research at Waseda University welcomes you at the center of the room.

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Nishi-Waseda Station Exit3

Nishi-Waseda Campus is directly connected to the entrance of “Nishi-Waseda Station” of Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin line.


Center for Science and Engineering(Bldg.#51 1F)

Please contact us when you need information on entrance exams, public relations, campus life, and job hunting etc..

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