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Examination Schedules


2020 Grade announcement schedule

Announcement date for the spring semester Announcement date for the fall semester
September 3 (Thu.) at 9:00 am. March 2 (Tue.) at 9:00 am.

Where to find your grade

During the period of grade announcement and course registration, please use the “Menu for viewing grades and registering courses in the lower right portion of the pre-Login screen, which is displayed before logging into MyWaseda.

Notes on your grades

If a registered course has an * in the grade column, it means the grades for that course have yet been evaluated by the instructor. It is updated upon receipt of the grades from the instructor. (It takes about a week to post the grades on the Grade Report after the submission of grades from the instructor.)

There is a period when grades cannot be viewed due to the processing of grades. If you need your grades at hand, please print them out by the end of July or February.

FAQs about grades

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