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Job hunting

Science and engineering students can apply to companies for a job under two different systems: the open application system and the recommendation system. the open application system allows students to apply directly to companies for a job according to job postings by companies. The recommendation system, a unique job application style for science and engineering students, is based on requests from companies to recommend applicants and, in response, the university (undergraduate schools, departments, etc.) recommends students. Companies may specify a department or a quota, so the university (undergraduate schools, departments, etc.) will ask for interested students and decide which individuals to recommend. A selection process is conducted if the number of applications exceeds the quota. For more details, refer to the career advisors of your department.

Career advisor’s guidance

Each department has career advisors who provide career guidance for graduating students. They provide appropriate and necessary guidance or advice on job hunting or going on to graduate school. Students must report their job hunting activities to career advisors, including any informal job offers (“Naitei“).

Career Center

The Career Center in the Toyama Campus provides a wide variety of services ranging from how to go about job-hunting in Japan to supporting applications for a “job-hunting visa”. The Career Center also periodically sends out emails of job listing for foreign students. To be placed on the mailing lists for this information, please send an email to [email protected] with stating your full name and student ID number.

Major activities

・ Career Workshop: career experts give lectures on such topics as relationship between society and career planning.
・ Other events to support career building: events to communicate with working people including alumni.
・ Career support events: career guidance, workshops to lean about industries, seminars to learn etiquette, and mini-seminars on job hunting.
・ Company and recruitment information: through “Career Compass” in MyWaseda.
・ Introduction of internships and related seminars
・ Visa application support (“job-hunting” visa)

Contact Information

Address: 3rd floor of the Student Union Building, Building 30 in the Toyama Campus
Tel: 03-3203-4332
E-mail: [email protected]
URL: https://www.waseda.jp/career/eng/index.html

Career Information room

Job-postings (cards) for science and engineering students, company profiles and other reference materials are available in the Career Information Room located in the Building 61 in the Nishi-Waseda Campus. In the Career Information Room, students can get information on recruiting, various companies, and government and municipal offices, and find reference books to investigate industries or companies, information magazines, job hunting experience notes from senior school mates and other materials.

Report career path after graduation

When students graduate, they will need to report their career path such as employment, advancing to graduate schools, study abroad, sefl-employed, undecided, etc. For further details, please refer to the Career Center website.



Practical internships of at least 60 hours (10 days or more), upon application, can be recognized as credits. The objective is to foster high-level skills through hands-on experience of how their laboratory research and knowledge in related fields is applied in the professional environment. Companies and programs are selected for their relevance to future research, in consultation with a class teacher.


– To take this course, students must submit an application in advance via MyWaseda as well as an internship evaluation report depending on the period of time with the company or other organization. For further details, please check the Faculty of Science and Engineering website.

– With respect to individual internships, a voluntary insurance policy is strongly recommended, as students are ineligible for either for the Student Disaster/Injury Insurance or for the Student Education Research Responsibility for Compensation Insurance. Students would be able to sign up for Student Comprehensive Mutual Insurance with the University Co-operatives Mutual Aid Federation, at any Waseda University Co-op branch. Internships that are suggested by departments are eligible for student insurance and compensation schemes. If students are pursuing such an internship overseas, it is also required to take out overseas travel insurance as directed by the University. In this case, the student must obtain an application form from the Center for Science and Engineering and complete the process.

– In some cases, depending on the company hosting the internship, the intern may be required to sign an agreement with the university in addition to a pledge of participation. However, for internships that are entered into individually by the student, the university does not enter into any contract. Internships suggested by departments in principle do not require any contract to be entered.

– Students who have a “Student Visa”, should make sure that the work demands of the internship does not violate the terms of their visa.


Students wishing to apply should read the “Notes for Internship Credit transfer Applying” and follow the required procedures.

Notes for Internship Credit Transfer Applying 2021

【Before training】Apply through MyWaseda

Form:【Before Training】Internship Application Form
Deadline:Earliest when internship is decided
* Form is updated for 2021 application

【After training】Submit internship Report (reported by student) from MyWaseda

Form:【After Training】Internship Report
Deadline:within 2 weeks after the training is completed

【After training】Submit Internship evaluation signed by your host internship

Please kindly ask your host institution to complete and send this evaluation to :
(Evaluation should be enclosed privately).
Form: Internship Evaluation Form
TO  :〒169-8555 3-4-1 Okubo-Shinjuku
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Academic and Student Affairs Section, Waseda University
Deadline:within 2 weeks after completing the internship

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