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Study Abroad Program

There are various ways to study at other universities, abroad or domestic. Choose the most suitable study program for you and take the appropriate steps according to the purpose, duration, and budget.

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There are roughly three types of programs: (1) Study abroad (long term), (2) Study abroad (short term), and (3) studying at another domestic university.

(1) Study abroad (long term)

If you are to be enrolled and educated in foreign higher educational institutions for 1 semester or longer, you can go to study abroad after a permission given from your undergraduate/graduate school. Long-term overseas study requires about 1 year of preparation.

Program Office in charge
EX (Exchange programs upon university wide agreement) Center for International Education (CIE)
EX (Exchange programs upon Departmental/Graduate school agreement)  Affiliated Lab
CS-R (Customized Study Programs / Regular Academic Program) (for undergraduates) Center for International Education (CIE)
CS-L (Customized Study Programs / Language Focused Programs) (for undergraduates)
DD (Double Degree Programs)
Joint Supervision Programs

*For Joint Supervision program, other procedures will be required before and after the departure. Confirm your supervisor and Academic and Student Affairs Section of Center for Science and Engineering.

Affiliated Lab

Academic and Student Affairs Section of Center for Science and Engineering

Privately Funded Study Abroad Students contact the institution directly on their own

Overseas language study and the working holiday program are treated as leaves of absence, not studying abroad.

For more information, see Leaves of Absence and Re-enrollment to School.

(2) Study abroad (short term)

Short-term study abroad is prescribed that your registration status does not change and the period is less than one semester.

For more information on the short-term study abroad programs of Waseda University, visit the websites of the Center for International Education and the Extension Center.

(3) Study abroad (Studying at another domestic university (Student exchange with Doshisha University))

This is one-year program to study at Doshisha University.

For more information, visit the websites of the Global Education Center.

Gathering Information of Study Abroad

The information is updated frequently. Try to collect updated information from the Web site of CIE by yourself. Gathering information is one of the essentials of the successful study abroad.

Registration Status, Academic Fees, Credit Transfer

(1) Study abroad (long term)

Registration Status and Academic Fees vary depending on the conditions and the programs. Please refer to the following PDF for procedures (Application, Selection, Pre-departure and After-returning)

Procedure for Study Abroad

(2) Study abroad (short term)

Please refer to the following PDF for Information for Registration Status, Academic Fees, and Credit Transfer in short term study abroad.

Procedure for Study abroad (Short term)

Oversea Travel Insurance

Regardless of whether or not the programs you are participating in are under the management of Waseda University (exchange programs based on interuniversity agreements or departmental agreements) or privately-financed study abroad programs, you are required to obtain the traveler’s insurance specified by the university. Note that you cannot obtain the insurance if you take a leave of absence to participate in a privately-financed study abroad program or in a short-term privately-financed study abroad program.
The form is available at the Academic and Student Affairs Section. (1st floor of bldg. 51)

Scholarship for Study Abroad (For All Student)

There are various scholarships for students interested in studying abroad. For more information, visit the websites of the Center for International Education.

Study Abroad Support Program(For FSE Undergraduate Student)

The faculty of Science and Engineering would like to announce that it will start “Study Abroad Support Program” as a means to advance globalization based on Waseda Vision 150. Please make sure that you fully understand the aim, content, eligibility and the points to be note, and then take the steps necessary to apply.

Application Guide and Forms

The detailed will be announced later.

Global Network of Faculty of Science and Engineering

The Faculty of Science and Engineering has entered into agreements with various overseas educational institutions and corporations for student exchange programs.
The location of overseas programs will differ according to the applicant’s department and major. Science and Engineering students are encouraged to make use of these programs, which have been designed specifically for them.

Study Abroad (Long-term)

The Faculty of Science and Engineering has entered into agreements with various overseas educational institutions. Agreement institutions are described in “STUDY ABROAD HANDBOOK”. Please inquire at your kenkyushitsu (faculty lab) for details.

* Note that some overseas institutions may have agreements with a specific Undergraduate School or Graduate School rather than the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Overseas Internship

Internship program in IAESTE Japan is an example of overseas internship for Science and Engineering student. Programs other than this are offered through individual kenkyushitsu (faculty labs). Inquire at the relevant kenkyushitsu (faculty lab) for details.


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