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How to apply

English-based Undergraduate Program AO Admission for entrance in September

Time of Enrollment

September, 2021

Number of Students to be admitted

School of Fundamental Science and Engineering 30
School of Creative Science and Engineering 30
School of Advanced Science and Engineering 20

Applicant Qualifications

Students who graduating from high schools which follow the education system other than Japan

*For details of the applicant qualifications, please refer to the Application Guideline.

Selection method

Document screening and interview

Admissions Schedule
Online application period January 8 – February 25, 2021
Application period February 1- February 25, 2021
Document Screening Results Announcement April 9, 2021
Interview screening (Local Time) April 17 or 18, 2021
Final Results Announcement/Wait-listed Annoucement April 23, 2021
Announcement of Applicants Admitted from the Waitlist May 31, 2021

Waseda Online Admissions Application

To apply, please create a Waseda Online Admissions Application account first, and prepare the Application Form. Then print out the Application Form and submit it with other application documents (see the Application Guide for details) together by post. The application procedure is considered complete when all of the application documents are received by the International Admissions Office via post during the application period.

Please register the online application system from the following website.

Download: Application Documents


Application Guideline (2021 admission) detail
NOTICE: For applicants from Taiwan taking GSAT (学測) in February 2021


Designated Application Forms

Application Documents Checklist detail
Application Form Prepare and print out by the Waseda Online Admissions Application
Letter of recommendation detail detail
Template for Certificate of Graduation/Expected Graduation detail
Statement on Missing Subjects detail
Application Form for Screening Fee Waiver Program detail
Statement on the Certificate of University Entrance Qualification detail
Evaluation Sheet&Self-evaluation Sheet

Sample_Evaluation Sheet&Self-evaluation Sheet

FAQ for Evaluation Sheet&Self-evaluation Sheet

detail detail

Certificate of Eligibility

Agreement for Defraying Expenses detail
Sample of the Application for Certificate of Eligibility detail
COE Application Form detail


English-based Undergraduate Program

A global-standard, high-quality curriculum at Waseda University

img012Placing globalization as an issue of highest quality, Waseda University seeks to train students to become citizens who can immerse themselves into intercultural societies around the world to solve various problems that exist in those local areas, and contribute not only to those areas and Japan but also to the human society as a whole.
To succeed in this endeavor, beginning in September 2010, the Waseda University School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, School Creative Science and Engineering, and School of Advanced Science and Engineering will each establish international programs that allow students to earn degrees through programs conducted entirely in the English language, recruiting outstanding students from all over the world.

List of Application Documents by Education System


  1. Please make sure to confirm the chart below and in the guideline carefully, and submit us the score report from one of them.If your education system is not listed, please inquire at the International Admissions Office, Waseda University prior to submitting your application.
  2. Documents to be submitted should be written in English or Japanese. For documents in other languages, attach a Japanese or English translation notarized by an embassy or another appropriate office.
  3. You need to take the tests of all subjects listed below .If you have not taken all of the exam subjects specified, please take the missing exam subjects in a standardized test such as the SAT (Subjects Tests) and submit the scores. If you cannot do so, write a “Statement on Missing Subjects” (format designated) stating the fact. If you have taken biology as a subject in your standardized test or university entrance qualification examination, please submit the result.
  4. If you are a high school (secondary school) student at the time of application, and if you cannot submit the results of your country’s university entrance qualification examination or another standardized test (during the application period) due to the timing of graduation,  please act as follows.  If you cannot submit the result of the following standardized test by the last day of the application period, submit a “Statement on Certificate of University Entrance Qualification Examination / Standardized Tests” (format designated).
    • Gaokao [National College Entrance Examination] (China)
    • UAN[Ujian Akhir Nasional] (Indonesia)
    • O-Net[Ordinary National Educational Testing] (Thailand)
    • UEE[University Entrance Examination] (Vietnam)
    • Baccalaureate (France)

If you cannot submit the result of the following standardized tests by the last day of the application period, submit “predicted score”.
• International Baccalaureate (IB)
• A-level

Below is the list of Education Curriculum by countries. For other than the tests listed below, submit the score of SAT or ACT.  For details and SAT/ACT, please refer to “USA” in the List of Application Documents by Education System.

Please confirm more details in the Application Guidelines.



Country Education System
China Gaokao (National College Entrance Examination)
Korea CSAT (College Scholastic Ability Test)
Taiwan GSAT (General Scholastic Ability Test)
Singapore Cambridge GCE
Indonesia UN (Ujian Nasional)
Thailand O-NET (Ordinary National Educational Testing), GAT and PAT
Vietnam UEE (University Entrance Examination), National High School Examination
Malaysia STPM (Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia), A-level, UEC (MICSS United Examination  Certificate)
India AISSCE (The All-India Senior School Certificate Examination), ISCE (Indian School Certificate), HSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate)
France Baccalaureate
Germany Abitur
England A-level
IB IB Diploma
EJU EJU (School of Advanced Science and Engineering Only)



Tuition Fees

Past Admission Data

Obtaining Visa

English-based Program School/Major Transfer

Application Guidelines and its Outline

Admissions Schedule
APPLICATION PERIOD July 12 – 16, 2021
INTERVIEW September 1, 2021
*The Examination for English-based Program School/Major Transfer is designed for students that are  enrolled in EBSE (the English-based Program in Science and Engineering) and wish to transfer to a different school/Major within EBSE.

*Students are able to choose a school/Major that participates in EBSE. Students are not allowed to transfer to a school/Major that does not participate in EBSE.

*There is a case that you cannot graduate in 4 years.

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