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Notes on Reports or Research Papers

If you copy whole or part of other person’s writing or data from a website or other media without explicitly citing the source in your report or paper, you are deemed to have committed plagiarism and will be subject to punishment.

When you cite or reference other person’s writings or data in order to present your own idea, it is customary to clearly specify the quoted phrases or sentences by using quotation marks and accurately describe the sources (author name, title, page numbers, publisher and year of publication; URL and access date for a website).

Note that if you use a large amount of quotations, you must ask the author for permission to use the quotations or reproductions. Therefore, you should keep the amount of quotation to a minimum.

Submission of your report

Where report assignments are posted

Report assignments are to be posted on Main Gate Bulletin Board 1 (the common bulletin board for Undergraduate Schools and Graduate Schools). Please follow the directions of the instructor in charge.

Where report assignments are handed in

When you are instructed to hand in your report assignment for your class in the Report Box (Bldg. #52, 2nd floor, in Kyoinshitsu), make sure of the following before you hand it in.


  • Accurately write the subject name, the name of the instructor in charge, your student number, and your name on the report you hand in.
  • Double check the subject name and the name of the instructor in charge before you put the report in the Report Box. Be careful since there may be two or more classes with the same subject name.
  • As a general rule, the Report Box is opened three days before the deadline of each report. If you wish to hand in your report before the Report Box is opened due to circumstances beyond your control, talk with someone in the Kyoinshitsu about your situation.
  • When you fail to hand in your report by the deadline, directly ask the instructor in charge for instructions.
  • As a general rule, the Report Box is closed during summer and winter holidays.

Absence from Classes

If you have missed classes or examination due to illness or an unavoidable reason, you must complete “Notification of Absence”. Please prepare the documents below and hand in your subject teacher as soon as possible.

1.Notification of absence

2.Medical Certificate (In case of illness)

Each evaluation of absence depends on individual course teachers.


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