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Part-time Jobアルバイト

If you work part-time to supplement your school fees and living expenses during your study abroad, you need to apply to the Immigration Bureau for “permission to engage in working activity”.
To download application form from the Immigration Bureau website, please click here. The form is also available at the Center for International Education(Bldg 22, 3rd floor). For details, click here. Please bring your Passport, Student ID card the application form and Alien Registration Card/ Residence Card.

申請書は入国管理局のwebsiteからダウンロードできます。また、留学センタ―(22号館 3階)にもあります。詳しくはこちらをご参照ください。入国管理局へ申請に行く際には、パスポート、学生証、外国人登録証明書/在留カード、申請書を持参してください。

Extention of Period of Stay在留資格の更新

The period of stay for those with “College Student” status is 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 1 year and 3 months, 2 years, 2 years and 3 months, 3 years, 3 years and 3 months, 4 years, and 4years and 3months. It is necessary for students to apply for an extention of stay at the Immigration Bureau from 3 months prior to the expiration date. For details, please visit international student desk at the Center for Science and Engineering.(1st floor of bldg. # 51)

「留学」の在留資格を持つ人の在留期間は3ヶ月、6ヵ月、1年、1年3ヵ月、2年、2年3ヵ月、3年、3年3ヶ月、4年、4年3ヶ月です。 この期間を延長するためには、在留期間の満了する3 ヵ月前から当日までに入国管理局へ出頭して期間更新をしなければなりません。

Re-entry Permit再入国許可申請

Foreign nations in possession of a valid passport and residence card who will be reentering Japan is, in principle, not required to apply for a re-entry permit. (This is called a special re-entry permit.) Please be sure to present your residence card at departure. Foreign nationals who have departed from Japan on a special re-entry permit will not be able to extend that permit while abroad. Please note that such foreign nationals will lose their resident status if they fail to re-entry Japan within 1 year of their departure. *The special re-entry permit system also applies to those in possession of a passport stating “A residence card is to be issued later”, or an alien registration certificate deemed to be equivalent to the residence card. *If your period of stay expires within 1 year after your departure, please ensure that you re-entry Japan before the expiration of your period of stay. If you receive MEXT or JASSO scholarships, please be sure to submit “Notice of leaving Japan” to international student desk at the Center for Science and Engineering (1st Fl. of bldg.51) before leaving Japan.

有効な旅券及び在留カードを所持する方が出国する際、出国後1年以内に日本での活動を継続するために再入国する場合は、原則として再入国許可を受ける必要 がなくなりました。(みなし再入国許可制度)。出国時には、必ず審査官に在留カードを提示してください。また、みなし再入国許可により出国した方は、 その有効期間を海外で延長することはできません。出国後1年以内に再入国しないと在留資格が失われることになりますので、注意してください。*「在留 カードを後日交付する」旨の記載がされた旅券や、在留カードとみなされる外国人登録証明書を所持する場合にも、「みなし再入国許可」の対象となります。*在留期限が出国後1年未満の場合は、その在留期限までに再入国しなくてはなりません。なお、「国費外国人留学生奨学金」「学習奨励費奨学金」を受給 している場合は、離日前に必ず理工センター教学支援課(51号館1階)の留学生デスクへ「離日届」を提出してください。

Scholarship for International Students留学生対象の奨学金


Regular students enrolled at undergraduate and graduate schools with a “College Student” visa can apply for scholarships for international students. There are no scholarships or financial support available for non-degree students. Foreign nationals with the resident statuses of “permanent resident”, “long-term resident”, “spouse or child of Japanese national”, or “spouse or child of permanent resident” can apply for scholarships in the same manner as Japanese students. In that case, please refer to the “CHALLENGE” (Scholarship Information Guide for Japanese Students) as well as the scholarship information website for Japanese students.

Announcement of Scholarship Information

Each scholarship’s announcement is posted on the bulletin board at Center for Science & Technology. (Bldg. #51 1F). For your reference, please see the International Student Handbook for the main scholarships available for international students or check the website below : here

Note: Information in the International Student Handbook is subject to change every year, and not all listed scholarships are allocated to Faculty of Science and Engineering.
For the latest application information, students who wish to apply for these scholarships are advised to pay close attention to the above notices posted at the Lounge for International Student Community & Career Info.and also on the following website.


Academic and Student Affairs Section(1st floor, Bldg. No.51, Nishi-Waseda Campus)
TEL:03-5286-3002 FAX: 03-5286-3500
Email: [email protected]






電話:03-5286-3002 FAX: 03-5286-3500
Email: [email protected]

Medical Expenses医療費

There is the Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association. For details, please click here.

Military Service兵役

Please inquire directly of the person in charge of school register in the Center for Science and Engineering (1st floor of bldg. #51).

Job Hunting日本での就職

Career Center at Waseda University provides both Japanese and international students with suppport for the employment. They hold a job-hunting guidance for international students on campus several times a year.  CFN (Career Forum. Net) also provides information on forums and employment oppotunities for international people to find jobs in Japan.

早稲田大学では日本人、留学生に関係なく、キャリアセンターで就職支援を行っています。年に数回、学内で外国人留学生のための就職説明会も行っています。また、日本で働きたい外国人のためのキャリアフォーラムを運営しているCFN(Career Forum.Net)ではフォーラムの案内や、求人情報を提供していますのでご利用ください。

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