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20th Annivesary Symposium

GSAPS 20th Annivesary Symposium: Dynamics of Division and Integration in the Asia-Pacific


October 12 (Friday), 2018, 13:00~18:50


Ibuka Masaru Memorial Hall, International Conference Centre, Waseda University


On October 12 (Friday), 2018, Waseda University’s Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies (GSAPS) hosted an international symposium to commemorate its twentieth anniversary and reflect on how the research and training of GSAPS have made a difference and can continue to make significant contributions in the future. Organized around the theme “Dynamics of Division and Integration in the Asia-Pacific”, the symposium explored the developments and problems that divide and unify the region in a range of areas such as politics, economy, security, culture, science, religion and community by bringing together leading scholars from a wide variety of disciplinary, professional, and intellectual backgrounds. The keynote and session speakers effectively addressed the theme from their respective vantage point while collectively generating a meaningful and productive dialogue on the present and future of the region.

The symposium began with opening remarks by Professor Hitoshi Mitomo, the dean of GSAPS, and Professor Norimasa Morita, Vice President for International Affairs at Waseda University. Mr. Sakutaro Tanino, Former Ambassador of Japan to India and China, delivered a speech congratulating the twentieth anniversary of GSAPS. Ambassador ONG Keng Yong, the executive deputy chairman at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University, delivered the keynote address “Dynamics of Conflict and Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific”. Ambassador Ong highlighted what he saw as major factors integrating and dividing the region while drawing upon his professional experience as former Secretary-General of ASEAN.

Session I (“Politics and Economy of Regional Conflict and Cooperation”), which was moderated by Professor Shujiro Urata (GSAPS), featured thought-provoking presentations by Professor Dale Copeland from the University of Virginia (“The Rise of China and America’s Response: Competing Perspectives on the Causes of Stability and Conflict in Contemporary Asia Pacific”), Dr. Jayant Menon from the Asian Development Bank (“Status and Role of Regional Economic Integration in the Asia-Pacific”), and Professor Mely Caballero-Anthony from Nanyang Technological University (“Non-traditional Security Issues in the Asia-Pacific”) each addressing the theme of division and integration in the Asia-Pacific as it relates to their respective field of expertise. The discussants, Professor Chikako Ueki (GSAPS), Professor Yukiko Fukagawa (Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University), Professor Yasushi Katsuma (GSAPS) and Associate Professor Mong Cheung (School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University) commented on the presentations, and the discussants and presenters thereafter exchanged their views on the theme of division and integration in the region in the areas of security and economy.

In Session II (“Science, Religion, Culture and Regional Communities”), Professor Aihwa Ong from the University of California, Berkeley addressed the expansion of global biomedical science in the Asia-Pacific and its implications in her “Genetic Origami in Asian Experiments.” Professor Patricio Abinales from the University of Hawaii presented a detailed account of what he sees as very significant recent developments in the Muslim communities in the Philippines in his “Muslim Societies in the Philippines before and after the 2017 Marawi Crisis”. Professor David Leheny, Associate Professor Ken Miichi, and Assistant Professor Sean Lee of GSAPS, commented on the presentations, and Professor Glenda Roberts (GSAPS), the moderator, adroitly led and stimulated broad discussion on the session’s theme among the presenters and discussants as well as members of the audience.


20th Anniversary Symposium Program

Conference papers

Patricio N. Abinales Paper (20181012 GSAPS 20th Annivesary Symposium)
Jayant Menon Paper (20181012 GSAPS 20th Anniversary Symposium)

Presentation slides

Patricio N. Abinales Powerpoint (20181012 GSAPS 20th Anniversary Symposium)
Jayant Menon Powerpoint (20181012 GSAPS 20th Anniversary Symposium)
Mely Caballero-Anthony Powerpoint (20181012 GSAPS 20th Anniversary Symposium)

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Ibuka Masaru Memorial Hall, International Conference Centre, Waseda University


Fri, 12 Oct 2018

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