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Faculty Commendation System

The Waseda University Center for Higher Education Studies has established an award system which commends faculty members for their excellent teaching practices. The awards currently conferred are the “WASEDA e-Teaching Award”, which commends outstanding utilization of information and communication technology in education as determined by CHES, and the “WASEDA Teaching Award”, which is conferred to faculty members whose courses have received the highest evaluations from university-wide student surveys.

WASEDA e-Teaching Award


The WASEDA e-Teaching Award is an award system established by the Center for Higher Education Studies with the following three objectives:

・Define “e-Teaching” as initiatives that improve educational impact through the use of ICT, specifically LMS and networks, and share Good Practice initiatives that produce results through its practical implementation.

・Increase the motivation of academic staff, provide better quality education, and contribute to improvements in learning through synergistic effects brought about by awarding and highlighting e-Teaching initiatives that increase educational impact.

・Increase transparency of the educational content at Waseda University and use this to pursue understanding and recognition of the university by society at large through the publication of the academic staff’s methods and e-Teaching methods submitted to the competition as outstanding examples of education at the university.

Past Examples of Implementation

Article about entries in the First WASEDA e-Teaching Award
First WASEDA e-Teaching Award Ceremony
Article about entries in the Second WASEDA e-Teaching Award
Second WASEDA e-Teaching Award Ceremony
Article about entries in the Third WASEDA e-Teaching Award
Third WASEDA e-Teaching Award results
[Video available] WASEDA e-Teaching Award winners’ presentations

Eligible Candidates

All academic staff affiliated with Waseda University who are responsible for lessons (including part-time lecturers)
* However, the names of persons not affiliated with Waseda University may be included under joint applications as part of collaborative programs carried out with non-Waseda University parties.

Eligible Lessons

All lessons of courses at Waseda University which utilize one or more of the following systems:

  1. Course [email protected]
  2. Waseda-net or Contents Creation Studio
  3. Distance communication tools such as TV conference systems or chat systems with video
  4. Other (Provide name of system)

Entry Deadline and How to Apply

November 1, 2017 (Wed) 12:00AM ~ November 16, 2017 (Thu) 11:59PM

※Applications may be resubmitted multiple times before the deadline.

Academic Year 2017 (6th) e-Teaching Award Entry Form

Please refer to the e-Teaching Award Guidelines for further details.

Academic Year 2017 (6th) e-Teaching Award Guidelines

WASEDA Teaching Award

TeachingAward_emblem200pxThe WASEDA Teaching Award was launched in the Academic Year 2014 in order to award academic staff who practice outstanding education. The award also formed part of initiatives aimed at utilizing, enlivening and improving the quality of students’ lesson questionnaires in addition to further improving the quality of education through the promulgation of outstanding educational methods and innovation. Academic staff of official subject classes at Waseda University are eligible to apply, including courses for which multiple academic staff are responsible, and awards are given to each school, graduate school and research or education center that offers courses. In the Spring Semester of the Academic Year 2014, awards were given to the School of Political Science and Economics, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, School of Advanced Science and Engineering, and Waseda Business School. Winners in the Fall Semester of the Academic Year 2014 will be decided in the summer of the Academic Year 2015, and the ceremony will take place after the summer vacation.

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