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Important notice for taking online courses(Last Updated: May 8,2020)

[Last Updated]
20/5/8 Added about Important notice for taking online courses, Suports for Learning and Usage of Libraly.
20/4/24 Update on Laboratory Guidance and added about Required Seminar for All New Students.
20/4/21 Summarized and updated the latest information
*Previous announcements(Last updated on April 16, 2020) is here.

Under such an unexpected and rapidly changing circumstances in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we assume you feel vulnerable and concerns are growing. Please be sure to take care of yourself since your physical and mental wellness is the highest priority for all of us.

Taking this opportunity, we would like once more to remind you to check your Waseda e-mail regularly. Each department or faculty has sent you the guidelines or rules for taking courses. They may have announced you the changing of the course schedule or sometimes online preparatory meeting are arranged. Hence you are strongly recommended to check the guideline provided by your department through Course [email protected] / Waseda Moodle and online syllabi you are planning to take this semester.

1. [IMPORTANT] Check your Waseda e-mail regularly

Important notice from the university / Faculty of Science and Engineering as well as the every course announcement or change of the schedule will be reached to you through Waseda e-mail. Hence, it is strongly recommended to check your Waseda e-mail regularly (EVERY DAY !!). And be sure to reply to the message by the designated deadline when you are asked to answer survey or submit the course assessments.

For your queries about online courses as well as administrative procedures, you are recommended to contact via Waseda email. Be sure to indicate your school, department, student ID number, name when sending email. (Course title and name of lecturers are required additionally when your query refers to your course.)

2. [IMPORTANT] Check the guidance information

The guidance information and materials are provided through learning management system “Course [email protected]” or “Waseda Moodle”. Along with your “Handbook”, please be sure to refer to the information, which is updated on daily basis. They may announce you the changing of the course schedule or sometimes online preparatory meeting are arranged.

[How to access to Course [email protected]]
* You first need to obtain your Waseda ID and Waseda e-mail
* There will be posted the notice or materials which are not reached to your Waseda e-mail.

[FYI: Academic Calendar]

Academic Calendar

Basic orientation materials are available from the below.

Other materials (provided in Japanese) are also available from the below.


3. [IMPORTANT] Check the syllabi again

As announced by the university, all the courses for AY2020 spring semester will be conducted online, in principle. According to this shift, we are reconsidering how to proceed with the laboratory courses. Some courses require preparation, so please check the contents as soon as possible after updating.

Besides, other lecture courses may also have changes for the course schedule or evaluation measures, and it will be updated on each syllabus after April 25, so it is recommended to check the syllabus you are planning to take this semester once again. Those adjustments may be announced in the first class as it starts.

Latest information on course registration

Course Registration

4. Information: “Learn Anywhere” online preparatory website

Online preparatory website “Lean Anywhere” provides several tips and information for you to take online courses.

*ID/PW can be posted on the notice board of MyWaseda page

“Waseda Moodle”

On Waseda Moolde, guidance information is available prior to the course start. Some faculties may ask you to work on survey in order for them to recognize your concerns or problems about learning environments. Please be sure to reply to the message by the designated deadline.

How to contact in case of problems

In order to resolve your problem smoothly, please check at first if you have received a notice about your concern in your Waseda email and then check the contents of the following page and get in touch with the appropriate contact points. 

 In case of system disruption caused by access congestion, a university-wide response may be sent from MyWaseda. It may take up to a week to respond to inquiries about the lecture content and assignments. To be more specific, answers to inquiries and questions about the first lecture may be presented in the second lecture. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

5. Supports for Learning

If you have any concerns or questions on starting a new student’s life, you can contact class academic advisors for seeking some advice.

In addition, please take advantage of the following original support provided by the FSE.

  • Mathematics Q and A
  • Physics Q&A 2020 Spring semester
    If you have any questions regarding the physics class in the 1st year,  feel free to come to “Physics Q&A” without appointment.  TA will answer  to your questions!  Send an email to  [email protected] during the  opening hours to have a contact with TA in charge.  Clicking the link  sent by email, you will be able to consult the TA online.  If you prefer  to receive answers by email, not online, write explicitly when you send  the email.
    Opening hours (tentative)
    Monday:14:00-17:00 (LO 16:30)
    Tuesday:10:00-13:00 (LO 12:30)
    Wednesday:14:00-17:00 (LO 16:30)
    Friday:10:30-13:30 (LO 13:00)
    *Open online during spring semester (May 11-Aug. 2).  It’ll be open  on 3rd floor of Bldg. 55N in autumn semester.
    Support at Physics Q&A can be offered only during opening hours. This is also applied to the question/consultation via email.It can be deemed as academic misconduct in case a student asks for the answer to the exam.

6.Usage of Libraly

Waseda Library provides several online-journals, data base which can be useful for your individual learning.

[For students studying at home] How to use electronic materials and databases from off-campus

7. About the certificates during the campus lockout period

Due to the campus closure in response to the declaration of a state of emergency, all the administrative services are currently suspended. Certificate issuing services will resume after this lockout periods are lifted. In case you need to obtain the certificates for submitting some other institution, please first ask them if they could offer you an alternative measures or deadline extension under this circumstance. We appreciate your kind understanding.

8. For the students yet to receive the student ID card

Please visit the Administration and Technology Management Center for Science and Engineering, 1st floor, Bldg. No. 51, Nishi-Waseda Campus after the lockout periods are lifted.
* Undergraduates need to visit the Academic and Student Affairs Section with your “admission card”.
* Postgraduates need to visit the Admissions Office of Nishi-Waseda Campus with the official identification (ex: driving license or passport).

* Services of posting the student ID card are not available. If you need to proof your student status, please refer to the “Certificate application by post” in the above.
* You can refer to your student ID number on the page of “Course Registration”. Please go to MyWaseda top page and click the green button “Grades and Course Registration” and log in with your Waseda ID and password.

9. Supports from the University

Waseda University has established “COVID-19 Student Emergency Assistance Fund” (hereinafter refers to “Emergency Assistance Fund”) to immediately assist students facing financial difficulties in their housing and/or living expenses due to the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus. For those of you who are experiencing financial difficulties due to the loss of part-time jobs or financial support from parent(s), etc., please apply for Emergency Assistance Fund without any hesitation. 

For those students who receive the Emergency Assistance Fund, if you are facing difficulties in taking classes online due to the lack of necessary equipment (PC, Wi-Fi devices, etc.) and facing difficulties for taking classes online, Waseda University will provide additional assistance such as rending out the equipment, etc.  

*Information about scholarship

If you have any concerns or questions on starting a new student’s life, you can contact class academic advisors for seeking some advice.

In case of physical / mental issues, Heath Support Center may also help you.

*Student Health Check-Up for Academic Year 2020 has been postponed.

10. Inquiry

Academic & Student Affairs Section: in charge of Course taking, Tuition fee, Certificate, Student life

For your inquiries about grades and course registration, please contact via “Grades & Course registration” on MyWaseda log-in page.

11. Other useful information


Announcement from each school of the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Graduate School of Environment and Energy Engineering

Please refer the announcement on Website or E-mail from your School.

Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems

Please refer the announcement on Website or MyWaseda from your School.

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