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重要:理工学術院事務取扱について / IMPORTANT: Administrative service at FSE (Updated: July 30)

1.キャンパスへの入構/Entry to campus

Please refer to the information from Secretariat of Novel Coronavirus Response Headquarters:


2020年度 夏季休業期間中における諸注意

2.理工統合事務センター事務取扱/Administrative Office at FSE

Administrative office reopens gradually from July 1(Wed.). When you visit campus, please take care of yourself and avoid rush hour in order to prevent the spread of infection.In case you cannot visit campus, but do need your certificate and/or backside sticker of your student ID (or student ID card for new students), application by post is available.

Opening hours and administrative service may be limited, as staff members work in shift.  Upon receipt of your application, we will send back the certificates, backside sticker by postal service, but this may take time. We would appreciate your kind understanding on this.We are sorry if this might cause you any inconvenience, but your kind understanding and cooperation would be greatly appreciated, as this is to secure the safety and well-being of all stakeholders.

◆開室時間/Opening hours

月-金/Mon.-Fri. 11:00-15:00(123013:30閉室/Closed)

*The administrative offices will be closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. (Please check the academic calendar for the holidays when classes will be in session, as well as for the days when classes will not be in session.)
*The administrative offices will be closed as following dates during the summer vacation from Aug. 2(Sun.) to Sep 20(Sun.).
August: 2 (Sun.), 8 (Sat.) – 16 (Sun.), 22 (Sat.) – 24 (Mon.), 29 (Sat.) – 31 (Mon.)
September: 5 (Sat.) – 7 (Mon.), 12 (Sat.) – 13 (Sun.), 19 (Sat.) – 20 (Sun.)

自動証明書発行機を利用される方/Obtaining certificate through automated certificate-issuing machine


The certificate of the expected completion can be issued on and after July 1(Wed.). The machine located in the administrative office (1st floor, Bldg51) has been moved to Bldg.63 since June 25 (Thu.).

サポートレターの発行を希望される方/Application for support letter


If you will apply to other graduate schools before July 1 (Wed.), we can issue the support letter ( Descriptions: Issue the official seal of the office, expected graduation date, date of enrollment, name, student ID number and date of birth.) for you. You can apply it by either counter or post. If you need it, please consult through inquiry form in advance.

証明書の郵送を希望される方/Application for certificates by post

Please refer to the following website for your application:

*Please fill in “Certificate of enrollment”in “Others”on the Certificate Request Form, if you need it.

就職推薦状の受け取りを希望される方/Application for recommendation letter for job hunting

For the issuance of recommendation letter, prior application at your Department Office is required.For those who have already made prior application, recommendation letter in the name of Dean can be issued on and after July 1(Wed.).You will receive an email once your recommendation is ready for you. Please drop by the designated counter in the administrative office (1st floor, Bldg.51).

In case you cannot visit our office, we will send your recommendation letter by post, as exceptional measure only for this year. Please submit the application form (in which you opted for “send by post”) to your Department Office.

学生証および裏面シールの郵送を希望される方/Application by post for your student ID card and backside sticker

As we resume administrative service, student ID card (for new undergraduate/graduate students) and backside sticker (for this academic year) can be handed over in the office of Academic and Student Affairs Section (1st floor, Bldg.51).Your student ID card and backside sticker can be sent also by post. (Costs for postal service can be covered by the university.) Please follow below link for your application:

*Request for re-issuance of your student ID card can be handled only at the office. However, please consult through inquiry form, if you cannot visit campus and would like us to send by post.

在留資格更新について/For Extension of Period of Stay/ Change of Status of Residence

Please refer to the following website:

3.オンライン授業に関するお問い合わせ/Inquiry about online class

Please refer to the following website:

授業欠席の取扱いについて/Absence from classes

来室が難しい方は、以下のページを参照のうえ、 必要書類を添付してE-mailにてご提出ください。事務所承認印押印後、PDFファイルをお送りしますので ご自身から各科目担当教員に Waseda Moodleの「Message My Teacher」よりメッセージを送付し、 担当教員宛に配慮をお申し出ください。
In case you cannot visit our office, please refer to the following website and send the necessary documents by e-mail. We will send the scanned document after official seal is affixed to your application document. Then, please send a message from “Message My Teacher” on Waseda Moodle and ask your lecturer for accommodation to your request.

4.学生生活を支えるサポートについて/Support for your student life

Please refer to the following website:

5.ドキュメントセンター/Documentation Center

  • 開室時間/Opening hours
    月・水・金/Mon., Wed., Fri.   11:00-15:00
  • 発注・問い合わせ先/Order・Inquiry
    [email protected]

6.連絡バス/Shuttle Bus

All service will be suspended.


Please contact via inquiry form.

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