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【5/1~申請受付開始】「新型コロナウィルス感染症拡大に伴う緊急支援金」ならびに「オンライン授業受講に関する支援」の申請について /【Start of Registration from May 1】About the registrarion of “COVID-19 Student Emergency Assistance Fund” and “Study support for learning online”

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学生・生徒用ポータルサイトMyWaseda のお知らせ を確認の上、申請フォームから申請してください。 (先着順ではありません)



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Start of Registration from May 1About the registrarion of “COVID-19 Student Emergency Assistance Fund” and “Study support for learning online” 


Waseda University has established “COVID-19 Student Emergency Assistance Fund” (hereinafter refers to “Emergency Assistance Fund”) to immediately assist students facing financial difficulties in their housing and/or living expenses due to the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus. For those of you who are experiencing financial difficulties due to the loss of part-time jobs or financial support from parent(s), etc., please apply for Emergency Assistance Fund without any hesitation. 

For those students who receive the Emergency Assistance Fund, if you are facing difficulties in taking classes online due to the lack of necessary equipment (PC, Wi-Fi devices, etc.) and facing difficulties for taking classes online, Waseda University will provide additional assistance such as rending out the equipment, etc.  

<Outline of Support> 

This Emergency Assistance Fund is currently set for approximately 3,000 students of Waseda University, Waseda University Senior and Junior High Schools, Waseda University Honjo Senior High School and Waseda University Art and Architecture School. (The number of eligible students may increase according to circumstances.)  

100,000 JPY as “Emergency Assistance Fund” per student 

Free Rental of PC, Wi-Fi devices, etc. for a certain period. (For those who want to be supported and are with the highest necessity among the recipients of “Emergency Assistance Fund”) 

  <How to Apply> 

Confirm “MyWaseda”, the portal site for students, and Apply from the Application Form. (It is not on first come first served basis.)
Details are written on the Application Form. 

 MyWaseda Log-in
(Log-in to MyWaseda is required for viewing announcements and the Application Form.)
※We would appreciate it if you could access the application form avoiding daytime hours. And we recommend you to confirm items to be filled and draft the application contents in a notepad, etc. in advance of the registration. 

  To secure the prompt payment of Emergency Assistance Fund, please note that Waseda University will not answer any individual inquiries regarding the selection criteria and the result, etc. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 

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