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How to use electronic materials and databases from off-campus

Waseda University subscribes to many e-resources. By using these materials, you can advance your learning and research even if you are unable to visit the library.

In particular, English materials have been increasingly digitized and a large number of e-resources are available online. While the number of e-resources in Japanese is not as large as those in English, several e-library services are available.

The precautions that you should follow when using e-resources are summarized in the following guide. Please read it in advance.

How to use Off-Campus Access service

Electronic materials and databases subscribed by the university can be used freely in the university network environment. And use them from off-campus, such as at home, you must log in to Off-Campus Access in advance.

Please log in to Off-Campus Access Service from the following website with your Waseda ID and password.

  • Off-Campus Access
    * Please read “Terms and Conditions for Use of Licensed Electronic Resources” carefully before you log in to Off-Campus Access.
    * Not all e-resources are available from off-campus.
    * Off-Campus Access login is different from WINE login.

How to search e-books and e-journals

Please use the library’s Discovery Service “WINE”. You can search for e-books and e-journals subscribed by the university.*1 You can also view these contents from off-campus as long as you log in to Off-Campus Access.
*1Some of the materials are not included in WINE. Please use Waseda E-Resource Portal together.

Enter keywords in the search window and select “Library Catalog and E-Resources” as the search scope, and you will get search results not only for paper books in the library but also for e-resources available at Waseda University.

To limit the search results only for e-resources, please check the “Available Online” in the “Tweak you results – Availability” on the left column of the screen. If you would like to further limit it to e-books only, please check the “Books” in the “Resource Type”.

Only e-books available are displayed.

If you have logged in to Off-Campus Access, you can view the contents of each e-resource by clicking links in “View Online” section on the material detail screen.

To search for academic papers and journal articles, please enter keywords in the search window and select “Articles” as the search scope. Not all of the articles on the search results are available in electronic versions, but the articles included in Waseda’s subscription, or in free electronic journals, can be viewed from “View Online”.

For further information about WINE, click “HELP?” button on the right side of the WINE screen and see “Guide for WINE”.

How to use databases from Waseda E-Resource Portal

You can search for and use databases subscribed by the university through the “Waseda E-Resource Portal” in Waseda University Library’s website.*2 Waseda E-Resource Portal collected contents which are not included in WINE.
*2Individual titles of online journals, e-books and articles are cannot be searched on the Waseda E-Resource Portal. After accessing to the database(Ex. Web of Science), you can search materials by individual titles.

Typical databases include newspaper articles databases (e.g. Kikuzo and YOMIDAS) that allow you to use both past and current articles, article indexes databases (e.g. CiNii Articles and Web of Science) that allow you to search for academic papers and journal articles, and reference databases (such as JapanKnowledge Lib) that allow you to cross-search various dictionaries and encyclopedias.

The most frequently used databases are listed on the top page as “Recommended databases”.

In addition, “Research NAVI” which guides you how to search by material types or themes are available.

Precautions on the use of electronic materials and databases

Please be aware of the limitation of concurrent users and logout after use.

In particular, numbers of users who can access e-books and databases at the same time are determined by contract. Please be sure to log out of the database after use.

Please do not use it inappropriately, such as mass downloading.

The usage rules, terms and conditions are defined in the agreement between the University and the service providers. If any of the above terms are violated, such as mass downloading in a short period of time, the provider may suspend access by the entire university to the service. Library may make a claim for the damages, report the matter to your school/department or take an appropriate action. Users are by all means encouraged to make full use of these digital resources for their academic life at Waseda including educational and research activities while exercising due responsibility in handling the information, which is designated for sharing by the entire University.

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