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【IMPORTANT】Student Health Check-Up for Academic Year 2020 (Revised April 6)

March 26, 2020
Health Support Center


IMPORTANTStudent Health Check-Up for Academic Year 2020 [NOTICE]


Dear Students,

In consideration of the current spread of the novel coronavirus, our student health check-up for April 2020 will start by conducting a Health Survey only.
This Health Survey is to confirm respondents’ health conditions to use as reference for student’s health care while studying at Waseda. All students MUST respond.


Health Survey

Period: Friday, April 17Friday, April 24

Method: through URL ※regular student only

  • Please type in your MyWASEDA log-in ID and password when responding to the survey (to be posted from April 6).
  • If you are unable to respond through MyWASEDA during the specified period, please inform the contact at your campus as below.
  • Students who are confirmed after the Health Survey as needing consultation with a Health Support Center physician, testing, etc., will receive notification to their address registered at the university. If you get a notice from the Health Support Center, please be sure to comply with the instructions and receive the required consultation, test, etc.


To students with medical conditions, disabilities, etc. causing difficulty in studies

Please submit a written opinion from your attending physician to the health care office of the campus you belong to.
If you have any inquiries, please contact your campus’ health care office as below.

【Health Support Center website】


Upcoming Schedule

  • The schedule previously announced in the “Notice of Health Check-up in 2020 (2020年度学生定期健康診断のお知らせ) has been changed.
  • We are currently adjusting a new (postponed) health check-up schedule, and will announce it on the Health Support Center website as soon as it is determined. Please make sure to check out the latest information.
  • Please keep (don’t throw away) the “Notice of Health Check-up in 2020 (2020年度学生定期健康診断のお知らせ)” and “Urine Sampling Device (採尿器) for urinalysis, which were included in the “Course Registration Related Documents (科目登録関係書類) sent to new undergraduate students. You can still use them in your health check-up on the postponed schedule.

If you have any inquiries, please contact the Health Care Room, Health Support Center, Waseda University at 03-5286-9800 (Mondays through Fridays, 9:00~17:00)



Health Support Center

Dear students

Along with the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we will postpone health check-up for students scheduled in April 2020, in order to reduce the risk of infection to students, faculty and staff, and related people.

We are currently adjusting a new schedule for health check-up, and will announce on this website as soon as a new schedule is determined.

In addition, please keep “Notice of Health Check-up in 2020(2020年度学生定期健康診断のお知らせ)” and “Urine Sampling Device(採尿器)” for urinalysis, included in “Course Registration Related Documents(科目登録関係書類)” we sent to new undergraduate students. You can use them in health check-up on the new schedule.

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