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Important Notice for New Students Ver.1 (Last Updated: April 16,2020)

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20/4/21 Switched to the page about preparatory information to take online courses.
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20/4/16 Update on Academic calendar
20/4/8 Update on Laboratory Guidance.
20/4/3 Added about Announcement on Administrative Matters for Spring 2020 Semester, APR. 2, 2020
20/4/1 Added about Information about laboratory courses.
20/3/24 Added about Follow up of major guidance.
20/3/19 Updated on distribution of your student ID card.

(IMPORTANT) For new students:

Regarding the entrance ceremony and guidance in Academic Year 2020

In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and ensure the well-being of students, parents, faculty and staff, the university has decided to cancel all entrance ceremonies scheduled to take place in April 1, 2, 3.

March 2020 Graduation & April 2020 Entrance Ceremonies

Based on the above decision, the on-site guidance scheduled at the Faculty of Science and Engineering has been cancelled and will be taken by the alternative measures instead. (Please refer below announcement.) In order to prevent the spread of the virus infections, each program/ event will be re-arranged for a small group with shorter schedule in the best possible way. In addition, we would like the family members of the new students to refrain from visiting our campus. It is our huge regrets to announce this for you who wish to celebrate the entrance moment together, but your kind understanding is highly appreciated.

Considering current sitituation, bussiness hours of Center for Science and Engineering has been changed.

For undergraduate and graduate students

  1. In a previous announcement, the university notified you that the Spring 2020 semester would begin on or after April 20 due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. After considering the current situation, in order to minimize the coronavirus’s impact and disruption on classes, the university has decided to postpone the start date of the Spring 2020 semester to Monday, May 11. And All classes for the Spring 2020 semester will also be, in principle, conducted online.(2020/4/4 Updated.)
  2. Important notices may be sent to your MyWaseda address after April 1.Thus, we kindly ask you to get your Waseda ID as well as Waseda Email address immediately.Besides, please make sure to check your Waseda Email and the notice on MyWaseda every day.(2020/3/5 Added.)
  3. Your student ID card will be individually handed over. Please visit Nishi Waseda campus at below designated time:(2020/3/19 Updated.)
  4. All the guidance scheduled to take place from March 24 to April 5 are cancelled and/or postponed. Please keep yourself updated on this website for the new schedule.
  5. All the laboratory course for Spring 2020 Semester will be conducted online.
    Accordingly, we are reconsidering how to proceed with the laboratory courses.
    Details will be released around April 23, 2020.
    Some courses require preparation, so please check the contents as soon as possible after updating.

    Besides, even in other courses, there may be modification in syllabus on how class will be conducted. Please refer to the syllabus of your courses once again after April 25 (Sat). (Modification may be indicated separately at the first class.)

  6. Course registration period in spring(2020/3/12 Updated.)
  7. Health check-up for new students (scheduled in April 2020) has been postponed.


For undergraduate students

You can get the Information packets for the guidance at the foyer of the Building No. 57 from March 31 to April 24.


Announcement from each school of the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Graduate School of Environment and Energy Engineering

Please refer the announcement on Website or E-mail from your School.

Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems

Please refer the announcement on Website or MyWaseda from your School.

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