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International Migration and Citizenship


Comparative Research on Cross-border Labor Mobility


Gracia Liu-Farrer教授


Globalization has brought about a globalizing labor market. Not only companies all over the world compete for consumer markets and look for offshore production worldwide, they are also competing for labor force. With regional integration and increasing pace of labor market globalization, people’s career and social mobility are increasingly tied to geographic mobility. This year, the research group aims to use international comparative approach to examine labor migration of workers at different skill levels, and understand the employment and mobility patterns of the globalizing labor force.


People of different socioeconomic backgrounds are more mobile than any period in the history.  However, mobility is never equal. People from poverty and those from affluence move through different channels and with different levels of difficulties because the different institutional frameworks applying to them. Unequal treatments and outcomes emerge because of the different migration infrastructures that move them. This year, through pulling together scholarship on global labor mobility, we want to investigate the distinct patterns and issues of mobility among different people, to identify area of vulnerability, and understand the wider implications of labor mobility on global labor market in general. This has practical significance, as well. For countries such as Japan who want to attract skilled labor force, it is important to understand why people move and how.


The research group’s main activities include holding workshops and sponsoring public lectures. We will also invite speakers to present their research and carry out group discussions. We also hope to hold writing groups to increase research outputs.


We expect to increase communication among members, have more funded joint projects and increase the amount of publications produced.



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