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*Completed the MA Program in September 2014
*Completed the PhD Program in September 2017

The reason you chose GSAPS

I chose GSAPS because it offered a lot of practical experience especially the field trip to conduct the research of your interest. It exposes you to rigorous thinking and analysis to think through the research problem and how to present your findings to various stakeholders in a wide range of formats. Not only that, we are also encouraged to take different modules to allow ourselves exposed to different academic disciplines that are offered at GSAPS. In this way, we are able to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to solve various problem and learn how to view the problems through different lens.

Your research theme

My research topic is about inclusive education in the developed countries in Japan and Singapore under the guidance of Prof Kuroda. We recognise the value and importance of inclusive education that values diversity and appreciates unique contributions each student, regardless of disability, gender, age, sexual orientation and any other differences, brings to the classroom.

Your research activities at GSAPS

I did a lot of field work in Japan and Singapore. I also participated in GSAPS EAUI program with Peking University. I also participated in an exchange program with Tokyo University taking a course in disability studies for one semester. Aside from these exchange programs, I had ample opportunities to participate in local and international conferences.

Memories at GSAPS

I really enjoyed working with all professors especially Prof Farrer, Prof Kuroda and Prof Tarumi including external professors from Kumamoto, Tsukuba and other. Through my research, I had a lot of opportunities to share my findings with them and also to learn more about their works. Apart from it, I had a lot of opportunities to develop bonding with my course mates at zemi gatherings and activities organised by GSAPS.

Your career plan

I am planning to make a transition plan into the industry after realising my interest in conducting data analysis for my PhD research. I am open to the opportunity to join the corporate company to apply my skills and knowledge in qualitative and quantitative research methods that I have honed over 5 years at GSAPS.


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