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呉 智強

2018年3月 修士課程修了

Why did you choose GSAPS for your higher education?
What made you decide to choose GSAPS?

There are two main factors behind the decision I made to pursue a master’s degree at GSAPS. Firstly, GSAPS provides professional courses across a wide range of disciplines, such as law, economics, politics, social science and history in both English and Japanese. This scheme allows students to choose courses that they are interested in based on their respective capabilities. Secondly, the high percentage of international students at GSAPS creates a culturally inclusive environment for students of all cultural orientations to freely express their own opinions and fully participate in learning and social activities.

What did you get satisfied with GSAPS the most?

There are two highlights I would like to mention during my study at GSAPS. Firstly, I really appreciate the patient academic guidance from professors (especially my supervisor professor Y. Kawamura) as well as the meticulous administrative and life support from the GSAPS office. They are really caring about every student in all aspects. Secondly, GSAPS provides students a comfortable study environment with convenient accesses to various research facilities. I love the GSAPS Library and the Lounge on the 8th floor, which truly make GSAPS outstanding among other schools at Waseda University.

What kind of things you have gained at GSAPS became useful/ helpful for job hunting?

GSAPS has offered various opportunities to help me get more familiar with the job-hunting system in Japan. There were always various kinds of job-hunting information released periodically in front of the GSAPS office, where I was kept updated with the latest vacancies relevant to my field. The job-hunting consultation with GSAPS alumni was also useful.

Do you have any unforgettable or impressive episodes while you were at GSAPS?

There are absolutely lots of unforgettable memories. I can still remember that last year I was awarded the Haraguchi Research Grant for my internship at UNESCAP in Bangkok. That was my first time receiving a research grant and I had so many questions regarding the guidance for how to use the grant. I really appreciate that staff at GSAPS office kept in touch with me through dozens of emails and explained everything in detail to me. Thanks to their help, I could perfectly arrange the use of the grant.

What is your treasure you have gained at GSAPS?

There are two truly valuable treasures I have gained at GSAPS. First comes the broad connection with not only your fellows but also professors and staff at GSAPS. Secondly, I was acquainted with theoretical knowledge in international relations as well as practical approach to apply the knowledge to actual fieldwork.

Do you recommend GSAPS to those who are thinking of going to a graduate school? Please kindly leave a short message for future GSAPS applicants.

I’d like to recommend GSAPS, as it not only provide a great academic atmosphere to pursue your higher education and endeavor for future career but also a place where you can create lifelong social network with students from different backgrounds. I strongly encourage applicants to enjoy the studies at GSAPS and live a fruitful life in such a multilateral environment.

Please let us know if you have any dream or vision in your future.

It is my great honor and privilege to work for the United Nations directly after graduation. In the future I would like to gain more international experience by applying for positions at different UN country offices and making more efforts in academics as a young scholar.


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