Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies早稲田大学 大学院アジア太平洋研究科


ズィーハ ルカーシュ

2017年9月 修士課程修了
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

The reason you chose GSAPS

I remember going through all study programmes offered by Japanese universities that were in one way or another related to International Relations or East Asian politics. Among the programmes I found, GSAPS offered without any doubt the most attractive one. The study plan was well structured, we could choose from a wide range of interesting courses and the overall focus on East Asian politics was very rare.

The way to find your job

The application and selection process at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in my country is rather standardised, so I knew from the very beginning what I should expect. The first round of the process was submitting documents (diplomas, language certificates etc.) to determine my eligibility. The second round was a written examination assessing our knowledge of international politics and our analytical skills. The third round was a psychological test and finally we had to pass an oral interview.

The things you have gained at GSAPS became useful/ helpful for job hunting

There are two main points about studying at GSAPS that I would mention in this regard. Firstly, the profound knowledge of Japanese (and East Asian) politics, society and culture which I acquired in GSAPS was of a great help during my job hunting. I was asked about my ‘Japanese experience’ during every interview and it was clear that this experience was perceived as an asset. The second point that helped me during my job hunting was the immense inspiration that I drew from our discussions with other students at GSAPS who were always greatly motivated and driven, but at the same time nice, friendly and helpful.

Memories at GSAPS

What I value the most about my experience in GSAPS is the wonderful international atmosphere that we could enjoy every day not only during lessons, but also – and most importantly – during our informal meetings and debates, like those in the student lounge on the 8th floor. Always when I had some free time, I went to the 8th floor and I could be sure that I would meet an interesting fellow student with whom I could discuss anything from the perks of living in Japan to the security issues in East Asia. There is a perfect mix of local Japanese students and international students from all over the world which makes the meetings even more exciting.

Message for other students

I wish I could enrol to GSAPS and enjoy my student life there once again! Going to GSAPS was one of the best decisions in my life and I will always keep fond memories of my time at Waseda. If you consider sending an application, I can give just one advice: go for it and enjoy!


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