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Program Outline

What is the International MBA Program?

  • Full-Time, Two-Year Program conducted in English

The International MBA program is a full-time, two-year program conducted in English. It is our premier MBA program. It is designed to provide an abundance of international exposure with the objective of educating students to become global business leaders.

  • One of the Largest English-taught MBA Programs in Japan

Approximately 70 students from around the world are admitted to this program each year. The relationships developed at WBS continue after graduation. Waseda University, including WBS, boasts the largest scale alumni network in Japan. Being a graduate of Waseda University opens doors of opportunity for business in Japan.

  • Student Interaction between Japanese-taught and English-taught classes 

Although this program can be completed by taking all courses taught in English, some bilingual courses are offered on a pass/fail basis to facilitate interaction among Japanese and international students. In these courses, students can participate in either English or in Japanese as instructors summarize and translate in both languages. Additionally, students who have or develop competencies in the Japanese language can enroll in courses conducted in Japanese. This unique system will give students the opportunity to learn about Japan and various countries in Asia.

  •  Unique Seminar System

Students choose a Zemi (seminar) class, which consists of a small group gathering with same specific field that members would like to research. Each zemi is led by a professor who specializes in each field, and students are required to discuss and research with their fellow members. Students can extend their knowledge and at the same time establish a high quality cross cultural human network.


Waseda Business School has designed a flexible curriculum that provides students with a solid foundation in business fundamentals while allowing them the freedom to pursue courses that align with their career strategy.

The core curriculum currently consists of two categories:

Compulsory Core Course

The Compulsory Core Course consists of seven courses, all of which are required.

  • Marketing
  • Corporate & Business Strategy
  • Financial Accounting
  • Finance
  • Management of People and Organizations
  • Global Management
  • General Management

Compulsory Elective Core Course

The Compulsory Elective Core Course consists of five courses, of which students must take at least three.

  • Business Data Analysis
  • Economics for Business Administration
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Technology & Operations Management

To complete the program, students must have been enrolled for more than two years, have acquired 50 credits, and have completed their MBA Degree Thesis as the final product of their seminars and research guidance. Students who pass the dissertation screening and exams, and who have reached a satisfactory level of achievement in the comprehensive evaluation of their performance will be awarded the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA).

In addition to the conditions for completing the International MBA Program, it is recommended that students earn credits in language courses. Students are expected to acquire at least eight credits from language courses. Although these credits are not included in the requirements for program completion, they are strongly recommended to strengthen their global capabilities. Students studying mainly in Japanese are encouraged to take English courses at the Global Education Center and students studying primarily in English are encouraged to take Japanese courses at the Center for Japanese Language. Students may also take other WBS language courses (i.e., English-taught classes for students admitted in April; Japanese-taught classes for students admitted in September) as the recommended language courses. These courses are graded on a “Pass/Fail” basis.

*English language courses are available in the Global Education Center. Please see the website for details.

*Japanese language courses are available in the Center for Japanese Language. Please see the website for details.

Web Syllabus Search

Course syllabi can be found on the web syllabus search system.

Degree Requirements of the International MBA Program (Unit: Credit)

Specialized Research Total Language
Seminars Research
14 6 ~ 6 ~ 8 ~ 8 Pass** 4 50 8

(*) Language courses are recommended to take, not included in the requirement.
(**) The credits of research guidance will be given by pass or fail.

List of Seminars (Zemi)

After enrollment, students have to choose a Seminar called “Zemi“. The list of seminar 2020 is below.

Seminar Title Lecturer
Business Strategy and General Management AIBA Koji
Management Strategy and Industry Evolution ASABA Shigeru
Risk Management CHEUNG, Ming Yan William
Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Leadership HIGASHIDE Hironori
Frontiers of Business Study IRIYAMA Akie
Designing Incentives in Markets and Organizations ITOH Hideshi
Strategy in Practice KANNO Hiroshi
Marketing and New Market Creation KAWAKAMI Tomoko
Strategic Marketing Management KIMURA Tatsuya
Financial Accounting Research LAU David
Innovation and Entrepreneurship MAKI Kanetaka
Marketing Strategy NAGAI Takeshi
Research for Corporate Value NISHIYAMA Shigeru
Globalization and Business Leadership OHTAKI Reiji
Management of Technology OSANAI Atsushi
Financial Law and Practice SHIBAZAKI Satoru
Technology, Collaboration, and lnnovation SHIMIZU Takumi
Economic Analysis of Accounting Institutions USUI Akira

*This list is subject to change.

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar of Waseda Business School


April Spring Semester 15 weeks
August Spring Intensive 3 weeks
September Summer Vacation 3 weeks
Fall Semester 15 weeks
Winter Vacation
Fall Intensive 3 weeks
March Spring Vacation 4 weeks

Class Period

1st. 09:00~10:30
2nd. 10:40~12:10
3rd. 13:00~14:30
4th. 14:45~16:15
5th. 16:30~18:00
6th. 18:15~19:45

Message from Program Coordinator

Thank you for considering applying to the International MBA program at Waseda Business School! Our school is one of the most “emerging” business schools globally, which is reflected in our ranking (Eduniversal ranks WBS as the No. 1 school in Japan and the No. 6 East Asian school). The International MBA program is our “flagship” program. We annually welcome about 70-80 talented students from about 30 countries.
Our program offers great and unique opportunities for you, all of which follow our three core visions. First, we emphasize “Actionable Knowledge.” We believe knowledge must be acted upon in practice. For this reason, many of our faculty members have an amazing wealth of practical experience. Second, we foster “Community-Based Learning.” We have a unique “Zemi” system, in which you have deep one-on-one communication with professors.
Finally, we seek to develop “Global Leaders.” As mentioned above, we have a highly diversified body of students, and you will have many opportunities to mingle with them and even with Japanese Evening MBA students (many of whom are currently working for top-notch Japanese companies). Overall, our International MBA program offers you an amazing set of opportunities for you to develop and inspire yourself. I hope I can see you on the WBS campus quite soon!


Student's Voice

Admission Information

For those who want to apply for the International MBA program, please refer to Admission page below.

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