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IRIYAMA Akie, Professor



Professor Iriyama joined WBS in 2013.  Prior to joining WBS, he served as an assistant professor of State University of New York at Buffalo, United States,  for five years. He received MA and BA in economics from Keio University, Japan, and Ph.D. from  University of Pittsburgh, United States.

Professor Iriyama has broad research interests in strategic management, international business, and entrepreneurship.  He  has  widely  published  in  premier  academic  journals  including Strategic Management Journal, Journal of International Business Studies, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Global Strategy Journal, and so on. Before pursuing his academic career, Professor Iriyama worked for  Mitsubishi  Research  Institute  Inc.,  a  leading  research/consulting  company  in  Japan,  as  an industry economist/business consultant.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. in Management, University of Pittsburgh, United States, 2008

MA in Economics, Keio University, Japan, 1998

BA in Economics, Keio University, Japan, 1996

Selected Papers

-Iriyama, A., Kishore, R. & Talukdar, D. Playing dirty or building capability?  Corruption and HR training  as  competitive  actions  to  informal  and  for eign  rival  threats.

Strategic  Management Journal, forthcoming.

– Ushijima, T. & Iriyama, A. The roles of closure and selloff in corporate restructuring.

Journal of Japanese and International Economies , forthcoming.

-Iriyama, A. & Madhavan, R. 2014.  Post-formation inter-partner equity transfers in international joint ventures: The role of experience.

Global Strategy Journal, 4(4): 331-348.

-Iriyama, A., Shi, W. & Prescott, J. 2014.  Frequency  and directional reversal of equity ownership change in international joint ventures.

Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 31(1): 215-243.

– Iriyama, A., Park, J. W., Supriyadi, F. & Yang, H. 2013. Integrating relative standing and market discipline: A complexity theory perspective of post -merger and acquisition executive departure. In S. Finkelstein & C. L. Cooper (Ed.) Advances in Mergers and cquisitions , 11.

UK: Emerald Group Publishing.

– Madhavan, R. & Iriyama, A. 2012. Spread, scope and scale in venture capital globalization: A clustered globalization model. In D. Cumming (Ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Venture Capital .

NY: Oxford University Press.

– Madhavan, R. & Iriyama, A. 2011. The emerging transnational dimension of organizational and individual  identity:  Transnational  technical  commun ities  as  economic  actors.

International Journal of Business Environment, 4(4): 378-399.

– Iriyama, A., Li, Y. & Madhavan, R. 2010. Spiky globalization of venture capital investments: The influence of prior human networks.

Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 4(2): 128-145.

– Shi, W. & Iriyama, A. 2010. Sequence of alliance ownership structure: Concepts and evidences. In T. K. Das (Ed.) Researching Strategic Alliances: Emerging Perspecti ves . NC: Information Age Publishing.

–  Madhavan,  R.  &  Iriyama,  A.  2009.  Understanding  global  flows  of  venture  capital:  Human networks  as  the  “carrier  wave”  of  globalization.

Journal  of  International  Business  Studies, 40(8): 1241-1259. (Leadoff-article)

Courses in charge

Economics for Business Administration

Global Management


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