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Program Outline

What is the MSc in Finance Program?

  • Full-Time, Two-Year Program conducted in English

MSc in Finance program is a full-time, two-year program conducted in English. It is designed to cultivate human resources with financial knowledge and technical know-how needed for entrepreneurial activities.

  • Fundamental education for essential knowledge and skills

This program does not require professional work experience at the time of admission. Students will systematically receive fundamental education to acquire the knowledge and skills required to work as financial professionals in the future.

  • Advanced education for specialists and practical knowledge and skills

WBS faculty members are a dedicated team of excellent researchers and business professionals in the field. Faculty members provide high-quality classes full of practical knowledge and skills.

  • Related knowledge to support core theory of finance

The well-balanced curriculum enables students to learn comprehensively, obtaining a wide range of knowledge in economics, accounting, and other relevant areas.

  • Global business skills and experience

All academic work is conducted in English in a global setting with students from across the globe. Japanese language classes are also available for interested students (additional fees apply).


Waseda Business School has designed a flexible curriculum that provides students with a solid foundation in business fundamentals while allowing them the freedom to pursue courses that align with their career strategies.

The core curriculum currently consists of the two categories:

Compulsory Core Course

The Compulsory Core Course consists of seven courses, all of which are required.

Compulsory Elective Core Course

The Compulsory Elective Core Course consists of thirteen courses. Students must take at least eight courses.

*All of these are two-credit courses.
**A course summary can be seen from each link.

Students must fulfill the following requirements in order to earn a degree of Master of Science in Finance from Waseda University.

  • Be enrolled in the MSc in Finance Program (full-time) for two years
  • Complete and obtain 50 (or more) credits
  • Complete the Degree Thesis and pass the evaluation screening
  • Pass the final examination (oral defense)

Web Syllabus Search

Course syllabi can be found on the web syllabus search system.

Degree Requirement (Unit: Credit)

Specialized Research Total
Seminars Research
14 16 ~ Optional 6 Pass* 4 50

(*) The credits of research guidance will be given on pass or fail basis.

List of Seminar (Zemi)

After enrollment, students have to choose Seminar called “Zemi“. The list of seminars for 2017 is below.

Seminar Title Lecturer
 Economics ARIKAWA Yasuhiro
 Risk Management CHEUNG, Ming Yan William
 Financing of Innovation HIBARA Nobuhiko
 Financial Economics IKEDA Masayuki
 Real Estate/Insurance/Finance KAWAGUCHI Yuichiro
 Credit Modeling and Incomplete Markets NAKAZATO Daisuke
 Econometrics SHIBA Tsunemasa
 Empirical Analysis of Corporate Finance SUZUKI Kazunori
 Portfolio Management TAKEHARA Hitoshi
 Market Microstructure UNO Jun
 Fixed Income Strategies YOTSUZUKA Toshiki

*This list is subject to change.
**A course summary can be seen from each link.

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar of Waseda Business School


April Spring Semester 15 weeks
August Spring Intensive 3 weeks
September Summer Vacation 3 weeks
Fall Semester 15 weeks
Winter Vacation
Fall Intensive 3 weeks
March Spring Vacation 4 weeks

Class Period

1st. 09:00~10:30
2nd. 10:40~12:10
3rd. 13:00~14:30
4th. 14:45~16:15
5th. 16:30~18:00
6th. 18:15~19:45

Message from Professor

Cultivating Global Financial Professionals in Japan


Practical business education at Waseda University dates back to the early 1900s. Graduate level finance education began in earnest in 2004, with the establishment of the Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law. This program – offered in Nihombashi, Japan’s financial center – has successfully produced more than 1,400 financial professionals to date. It has been developed into a new business school, the Graduate School of Business and Finance, by combining with the management program offered by the Waseda Graduate School of Commerce.

The new Waseda Business School (WBS) continues to offer quality finance education as well as ever-popular general management programs that cater to the needs of today’s business and finance sector in Japan and across the globe. In particular, the Master of Science in Finance Program is a newly launched English-based program to develop successful global financial professionals. Responding to modern needs, specialist fields on offer include Corporate Finance, Wealth Management, Internet Finance, and Real Estate and Infrastructure. We are proud to announce that this is the only English program of its kind offered in the country.

Why learn finance in Japan? Post-war Japan has seen intense ups and downs such as strong economic growth, the collapse of the bubble economy and a long economic slump. This history has produced experience and lessons of unique value. For example, aspects of many policies forming the base of world finance have originated in Japan, such as Quantitative easing (QE). Systematizing these experiences and striving to stimulate learning of a global standard that also encompasses a unique Japanese perspective – this is the type of successful global lecture that we aim to achieve.

We truly look forward to welcoming students who will establish a new milestone in the history of our international finance program at WBS. We are confident that our graduates will develop successful careers and make a difference in the world of finance.

Student's Voice

Admission Information

For those who want to apply for the MSc in Finance program, please refer to Admission page below.

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