Waseda Business School
(Graduate School of Business and Finance)


USUI Akira, Professor



B.A. in Commerce, Waseda University; M.A. in Commerce, Waseda University; Doctor of Commerce, Waseda University. Joined Waseda University in 2003. President of Business Analysis Association, Councilor of Japan Accounting Association, Director of Japanese Association for International Accounting Studies, and Honorary President of the Japanese Association for Research in Disclosure.

Selected Publications


Akira Usui, 2015, Economic Analysis of Accounting Institutions, Chuokeizai-Sha, Inc. (In Japanese).
Akira Usui, ed., 2012, Financial Services and Accounting, Chuokeizai-Sha, Inc. (In Japanese).
Akira Usui, ed., 2011, Valuation and Accounting, Chuokeizai-Sha, Inc. (In Japanese).
Akira Usui, ed., 2001, M & A Investment in Value Management, Chuokeizai-Sha, Inc. (In Japanese).
Hiroshi Oyachi and Akira Usui, eds., 1991, Introduction to International Financial Database, Nikkei Inc. (In Japanese).

Courses in Charge

Financial Statement Analysis and Management Strategy
Financial Statement Analysis and Investment and Financial Strategies
Seminar in Economic Analysis of Accounting Institutions


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