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Course Registration

Course Registration of Spring Semester AY2019

◆Register/Cancel courses during the following periods online.
(Details are subject to change)

Registration / Cancellation
Registration Period Apr.6th (Sat.) 10:00-Apr. 12th (Wed.) 23:59
→ the announcement of the Results of Course Registration on Apr. 17th (Wed.) 10:00
* For the schedule for courses offered by other grad. schools, please see below.
Registration Period for Spring intensive courses July.12th (Fri.) 10:00 – July. 15th (Mon.) 23:59
Cancellation Period  Apr.18th (Thu.) 10:00 – Apt. 19th (Fri) 23:59
* This is for the cancellation of Spring/Summer quarter  courses and normal courses
Cancellation Period for  Summer quarter courses   Jun. 14th (Fri.) 10:00 – Jun. 15th (Sat.) 23:59
* Summer quarter only. The courses starts on Jun. 8th (Sat.).


The information will be uploaded sequentially.

◆Reg. info of WBS cources for WBS students.

Program Guidelines A manual for Course Registration Basic Guidelines
MSc in Finance
Guidelines A manual for Course Registration Basic Guidelines

Cf.: Web syllabus

Cf.:The list of GEC courses are counted as General Elective Course

Taking courses offered at the other grad. schools.

◆Reg. info of courses offered by the other grad . schools for WBS students.

 Departments Courses available Application periods Where to apply
 GEC  List1
① Sept. 18th (Wed.) – 22nd (Sat.)
② Sept. 27th (Thu.) – 28th (Fri.)
③ Oct. 3rd (Wed.) – 4th (Thu.)
Web Course Registration
 CJL  Link
 GSA  Link   Depending on where to apply
 Other grad. schools  Link

 *If you have to pay Experiment/Practice Fee additionally we will hand in a document
for it at our office.

Taking courses of WBS

Reg. info of courses offered by WBS for students of other grad. schools

Open to Courses Period Qualification Docs to submit
Commerce track of GSC List  Oct.3rd 9:00(Wed.) – Oct.4th 17:00 (Thu.)

Over 3 years full-time work experiences.

(Excluding GSC Doctorate Program.)




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