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About WBS

Mission & Policy


WBS creates a dynamic learning community for all stakeholders as a catalyst for developing insightful and responsible global leaders with actionable management knowledge.

Diploma Policy (Requirements for Graduation and Earning a Degree)

Waseda University’s mission is to foster diverse learning and exchanges of culture, language, and values in order to educate professionals able to contribute independently to global society. To achieve this mission, the University’s comprehensive and creative capacities must be brought to bear to provide such opportunities through its systematic curriculum, and the educational and student environments provided university-wide.

The mission of Waseda Business School is to educate students to become business leaders who are able to contribute to international society by applying their highly-developed skills and acumen in business and finance – the end result of an educational philosophy which integrates advanced theory and cutting-edge practice.

Waseda Business School will confer, onto those persons who have completed a business education program that reflects the latest research findings, based on appropriate standards of evaluation, and who have acquired high-level practical expertise and decision-making skills as business leaders, the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA), and to those who have acquired advanced financial knowledge and theory based on international standards, the degree of Master of Science in Finance (MSc in Finance).

Curriculum Policy (Organization and Implementation of Curriculum)

The goal of Waseda Business School is to educate students to become leading professionals in their fields, honing their specialized skills and acumen to a level which earns their place in today’s global business society.

It is envisaged that people from a diverse range of backgrounds will enter Waseda Business School. Students who already possess basic business knowledge will reaffirm this knowledge while learning foundational knowledge in disciplinary subjects in which they had little exposure to prior to admission, enabling them to better understand new, advanced concepts and theories. Conversely, those students who had not learned foundational business and finance in their undergraduate curricula will be required to acquire this knowledge after admission, in order for them to be able to fulfill their requirements related to the completion of specialized elective courses and in writing their theses.

To accommodate a diverse range of students who are admitted, Waseda Business School has outlined an incremental learning curriculum through course offerings comprised of “compulsory core courses,” “compulsory elective core courses,” and “elective courses.”

Furthermore, with the goal of educating students in advanced problem-solving skills and disciplinary specialization, the School requires all students to earn compulsory credits in specialized research via the MBA Degree Thesis or Project Paper.

Waseda Business School is able to provide a well-balanced, educational curriculum through an extensive array of elective courses, including the cultivation of global perspectives and professional ethics, in order that it can offer a wealth of learning opportunities in theoretical and empirical approaches, as well as in the application thereof.

Admissions Policy (Enrollment of Students)

Based on Waseda University’s educational tenet of “independence of learning,” the University welcomes a large number of students from Japan and from throughout the world who bring with them the high marks of academic excellence, who brim with intellectual curiosity and enterprising spirit, and who are highly motivated in their studies.

When students at Waseda Business School graduate, they are expected to become the business leaders, executives, as well as the management and finance-sector professionals of the future, and they are expected to contribute widely to international society through the highly specialized knowledge, skills, and ethics that they will acquire while enrolled in their programs.

Regardless of their background, Waseda Business School admits applicants who agree with its curriculum policy, who have a clearly drawn vision of the future, and who possess the desire and passion to realize this vision and will spare no effort towards bringing it to fruition. Work experience is not an essential condition for admittance into the two daytime programs, International MBA and MSc in Finance (but it is preferable for applicants to have at least three years of work experience for the International MBA track). However, applicants for the One-Year MBA track, the Evening MBA track, and the Specialized Evening MBA track must have at least three years’ experience, while applicants to the Waseda-Nanyang Double MBA Program must have at least two years’ experience. Applicants are expected as professionals to be able to understand the advanced theories and cutting-edge research findings they will study, drawing upon the practical experiences from their individual backgrounds.

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