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Q. I have made a bank account in Japan, can I make my tuition payment transfer from my account automatically?

A. Yes, we have a bank transfer application form at the WBS office. Please note that not all bank are approved. Please contact the WBS office for detailed information.

Q. Are there any support for international students studying in Japanese?

A. If your mentor (professor of seminar) defines that you have a difficulty in studying in Japanese, you may apply for the tutor system. Tutor will be selected by your mentor. Application information will be announced from WBS office.

Q. What is the difference between exchange programs under the departmental agreement and the university-wide agreement?

A. WBS has independently concluded student exchange program agreements with over twenty esteemed business schools. Under the departmental agreement, only WBS students are able to study at the partner schools, which can provide a lot of various courses focusing on business, management, finance, economics, etc. WBS students who join the departmental exchange program basically study at the host school for 1 semester, approx. 3-5 months, while those who join the university-wide exchange programs are to study at partner schools for 1 year.

Since study abroad period will be included in the enrollment period under the departmental agreement, students are possible to join the exchange programs without extending their graduation unless the period exceeds 6 months.  On the other hand, students who study abroad under the university-wide agreement will have no choice but to extend their graduation.

For more details regarding exchange programs under the university-wide agreement, please contact Center for International Education (CIE) office.

Q. Where and how can I obtain the information of WBS partner schools? Can I read or hear personal experiences of the students who went abroad in the past?

A. As for the latest information of WBS partner schools, please visit their official website. You may browse further information of some partner schools and previous reports of exchange program at WBS office.

Q. What is the application procedure for exchange program?

A. First, students who wish to participate in exchange program are to submit the application to WBS. WBS faculty member will select successful applicants internally by application documents and interview in English.

After the nominees are selected, WBS office send nomination information to partner schools. Nominated students are to take official application procedures on their own. The final decision of acceptance is made by host schools.

Students who apply for exchange program should submit some proof of English language test score. TOEFL, IELTS and GMAT will be preferable. TOEIC is also acceptable for the internal selection, however some partner schools mandatorily require to submit academic test score such as TOEFL and IELTS when they apply for the programs as nominated students. Hence, we highly recommend all students who consider study abroad to take TOEFL or IELTS test and to acquire good score in advance.

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