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サイバー遠景②The Center for Finance Research at Waseda University was established to play a core role as a research institute through fundamental and applied research in the finance field, and to conduct and release world-class research.

Research at the Center for Finance Research primarily consists of two parts: the Institute of Financial Studies, and the Business and Information Academy. The Institute of Financial Studies works in conjunction with corporate enterprises and external research institutes to further finance-related research. The Business and Information Academy offers non-degree, short-term programs aimed mainly at businesspeople.

WBS Research Center (Japanese Only)

savoice_shiraishi3-300x224The WBS Research Center provides support for full-time faculty research activities in cooporation with Waseda Business School. The aim of the WBS Research Center is to seek the solutions to problems in the business world and produce quality research for the benefit of society.

The WBS Research Center runs various activities such as publishing, lectures, symposiums, project research, and non-degree executive education.

For more information, please see the website. (The website is written in Japanese only.)

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