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ERS Award

In reflection of the School’s adoption of “responsibility” as a Mission commitment in 2017 and to promote ERS (Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability) activities amongst students both in and outside of the School, WBS established an ERS Student/Alumni Award in October 2017 to recognise activities related to ethics, responsibility and sustainability that students/alumni are engaged in based on their social impact. The award has two categories as shown below.

ERS Student Paper Award

The names and works of qualifying current students are forwarded by faculty supervisors to the Senior Management Team for screening and selection. The name of the finalist will be forwarded to the Faculty Meeting for approval and the award presented during the Commencement Ceremony in March.

ERS Student/Alumni Impact Award

The names and activities of qualifying current and former students are forwarded by individual faculty members to the Senior Management Team for screening and selection. The name of the finalist will be forwarded to the Faculty Meeting for approval and the award also presented during the Graduation Ceremony.

Selection Criteria

-Whether it is a research/activity performed as an ethical and globally responsible citizen
-Whether it contributes to sustainability; and
-How big its social impact is,
where “responsibility” and “sustainability” are defined as the following:
Responsibility: the willingness to incorporate broader social and environmental considerations into its decision-making and to be accountable for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and environment.
Sustainability: the social, environmental, and economic challenges. It refers to issues such as sustainable resource use, sustainable consumption and developing a sustainable society and an economy.

Past Recipients

ERS Student Paper Award


  • MAEZAWA, Kentaro (Evening MBA Program (Specialized); supervised by Prof. Masao Hirano)
    「企業のESGに関する取り組みと財務的価値の関係に関する分析」 (translation: An analysis of the relationship between corporate ESG efforts and financial values) (March 2019)
  • POJTHANAMAS, Kojakorn  (International MBA; supervised by Prof. Higashide)
    “SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR TACKLING FOOD WASTE ISSUE Business Plan: Social Supermarket in Thailand Based on Cases in Europe” (September 2018)
  • CHEN, Hsuan ju (International MBA; supervised by Associate Prof. Iriyama)


  • KODAMA, Takuya (Evening MBA Program (Specialized); supervised by Prof. Hasegawa)
    「社会的価値創出のための事業創造プロセスに関する研究~社会的ミッションの形成とその影響について~」 (translation: A study of a business creation process to create social values ~a formation of social missions and its impact~) (March 2018)
ERS Student/Alumni Impact Award


  • TANIYAMA, Daizaburo (President of STOPit Japan) (March 2019)
    Mr. TANIYAMA graduated from Waseda Business School in 2019 with Master’s degree. He founded STOPit Japan in 2015, developing a Japanese-accustomed version of the cutting-edge platform STOPit which transforms the way school and workplaces report and prevent inappropriate behavior. By 2018 it is expected to have been introduced to 6,000 schools & 3.29 million people in the U.S., and 100 schools & 50,000 people in Japan. *Information as of March 2019
  • SHIN, Taejun (Director of Gojo & Company Inc) (September 2018)
    Mr. SHIN, graduated from Graduate School of Finance Accounting and Law in 2008, is a founder and director of Gojo & Company Inc., established in July 2014. He has also founded a not-for-profit organization Living in Peace in 2007 to fight childhood poverty. He has been committed to fundraising activities to support child welfare facilities and has also offered scholarships and career advice to those residing in these facilities. *Information as of September 2017
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