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Updated on 2021/4/1

Schedule for Lectures

The schedule for lectures is as follows. Students must confirm their own course’s schedule in the lecture guidance.

(1) It should be noted that some courses might be offered outside of the schedule.
(2) The 6th period (18:15 ~ 19:45) overlaps with the 7th period (18:55 ~ 20:25) of the MBA Program (Evening, Specialized). It is not allowed to take two overlapping courses.

Period Time International MBA
MSc in Finance
One-year MBA
Evening MBA
Specialized MBA
1st 9:00~10:30 ○ (Saturdays)
2nd 10:40~12:10 ○ (Saturdays)
3rd 13:00~14:30 ○ (Saturdays)
4th 14:45~16:15 ○ (Saturdays)
5th 16:30~18:00 ○ (Saturdays)
6th 18:15~19:45 ○ (Saturdays)
7th 19:55~21:25
7th for
evening course
18:50~20:20 ○ (Mon. to Fri.)
8th for
evening course
20:30~22:00 ○ (Mon. to Fri.)
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