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<For students expected to graduate in September, 2019>

Degree Thesis Submission : July 6th, 2019  10:00am to 5:00pm*Strictly observed
Location : 4th floor of Building No. 11, Main Conference Room
*There are several signs for navigating you to the room, so please just go to the 4th floor.
*Soft copy of thesis must be submitted to Course [email protected]* from June 24th until the end of July 6th 23:59pm via Course [email protected]
論文提出用BOX_201909The Submission Box for Thesis_201909
Date of Oral Defense : July 24, 2019

Thesis Preparation
MBA Degree Thesis Guideline (PDF)
MSc in Finance Degree Thesis Guideline (PDF)


Submission Forms◆
*Front cover of thesis folder
IMBA       MSC in F



*Observation Form (Chief Examiner)
*Observation Form (Deputy Examiner)

【MSC in F】

*Observation Form (Chief Examiner)

*Observation Form (Deputy Examiner)


Waseda University Repository Announcement 
*Waseda University Repository Guide
*Waseda University Repository Internal Regulations Submission Forms 
Submission Form*Application for Registration of Repository – Agreement of Disclosure

Delay of Submission
If you would like to delay the Submission scheduled date, please hand out the document below.
Submission Form
*Application for Delay of Submission for the Degree Thesis/Project Research Thesis

Research Plan template

◆Research Plan template   For  IMBA  students admitted in September 2018

Degree Thesis Plan template & Period Submission

◆Thesis Plan template

■IMBA  students admitted in September 2018
Submission period : from  July 22th to July 31st via Course [email protected]
■MSc in Finence students in September 2018
Submission period : Around  end of January 2020


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