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Waseda Business School offers six programs (eight tracks) to meet the needs from all over the world. Three programs(three tracks) are conducted in English, and four programs (five tracks) are conducted in Japanese. Study time (full-time or part-time) varies from program to program. Please find the program that is most suitable.

Program List

Programs in English

  • International MBA Program [English]
    The International MBA Program is a daytime, two-year MBA program conducted in English. It is our premier MBA program. It is designed to train students to become business leaders with global perspectives in a global learning environment.
  • MSc in Finance Program
    The MSc in Finance Program is a daytime, two-year program conducted in English. It is designed to cultivate human resources with the financial knowledge and technical know-how needed for entrepreneurial activities.
  • Waseda-Nanyang Double MBA Program
    The Waseda-Nanyang Double MBA Program is a daytime, 14-month, small-cohort, accelerated dual degree program that begins in Singapore and ends in Tokyo. It is conducted in English. It is designed to cultivate international business persons to brush up on their management skills. Courses are taking place at Nanyang Business School and Waseda Business School.

Programs in Japanese

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