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KIMURA Tatsuya, Professor



Over the first 20 years of his professional career, Professor Kimura held several managerial positions in the marketing departments of Japanese, American and European companies. Since starting an academic career, Professor Kimura has continued to conduct survey research using the methods used by marketing managers to develop successful marketing strategies and bring them to practice. As director of WASEDA Institute of Marketing Strategy, he has conducted joint research projects with several companies and researchers in order to develop new methodologies for solving marketing problems in firms. In addition to his faculty position at WBS, Professor Kimura has also been a visiting scholar at Oxford University (2008) and Columbia University (2012-13).

Academic Degrees

Ph.D., International Management, Waseda University

M.B.A., Lancaster University, UK

B.A., Commerce, Waseda University

Selected Publications

Internal Marketing: Another Approach to Marketing for Growth, Routledge, 2017

“The Degree of Penetration and Impact of Internal Marketing Affecting Corporate Performance,” Journal of Business and Policy Research, 7/2 pp. 175-183, 2012

CRM Strategies in Practice, Seisansei Shuppan, 2010 (in Japanese)

“Cross-functional Interaction between Marketing and Research & Development: Effects on Integration and New Product Development Success,” Journal of Management & World Business Research, Vol. 7/No. 1, pp. 13-26, 2010

Marketing Planning and Practices (2nd ed.), Nikkei, 2008 (in Japanese)

Internal Marketing, Chuo Keizaisha, 2007 (in Japanese)

An Introduction to Internet Marketing, Nikkei, 2005 (in Japanese)

Modern Marketing, Daigaku Kyoiku Shuppan, 2003 (in Japanese)

Courses in charge

Marketing (Japanese)

Marketing Management (English)

Marketing & Brand Management (Japanese)

Research on Service Marketing (Japanese)

Service Marketing & Management (Japanese)


Outside director, Septeni Holdings Co., Ltd


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