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What is MyWaseda?

MyWaseda is the new portal site of Waseda University.
With MyWaseda, it is possible to make improvements in operability and convenience that were pointed out in the case of the Waseda-net portal until now, and use it on multiple devices (use on smartphones and tablets). Moving forward, we plan to gradually enhance these features and introduce a new level of convenience.

What is MyWaseda?

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I am unable to log in to MyWaseda

The authentication method was renewed in August 2021.
The ID used to log in (sign in) is your Waseda email address (

Before Waseda ID
* A string of 3 to 16 characters that you set yourself.
After Waseda Mail address
*, etc.

Change of login procedure(authentication method) for MyWaseda and other services

Correctly enter your Waseda Mail address and your password.
If you are still unable to login, please refer to the following Web page.

When You Cannot Login to the MyWaseda

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The "Pick an account" is displayed when logging in
The screen of another account or service is displayed


If you see the "Pick an account" screen or another Microsoft account or service system screen when you log in, you are authenticated with another Microsoft account, or your open browser has different Microsoft account information. It is possible that you are recording. Log off the screen that appears, close all browsers and try again.

If a screen like the one on the right is displayed, click "Use another account".

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My name is shown in katakana (phonetic characters)

The name displayed on MyWaseda or Course [email protected] may be displayed in Katakana (phonetic characters). This is because when kanji characters other than JIS character code first/second standards are used for the name, these cannot be displayed in ordinary browsers, and the display is thus overwritten in katakana characters.
The name display in MyWaseda, Course [email protected] may be changed into alternate characters (this does not affect the Kanji name on certificates etc.)

Those wishing to change in this way should make contact via MyWaseda.

  1. Log in to MyWaseda
  2. Click (right)service menu [Support and Application for the systems (Helpdesk)] from the global menu [IT Service]
  3. Click [問い合わせ/Support] > [ITサービス/IT Service] > [MyWasedaに関する問い合わせ/Inquiries of MyWaseda].
  4. Enter the necessary items on the application form displayed by pressing the [Submit] button. In the [問合せ内容/Inquiry details] column, specify the fact that you wish to change the kanji for your name and the desired alternate characters (full name).

    e.g. 「はしごだか」 as variant of 「高」など

  5. Press the "Save" button.
  6. (After receiving the application, this will be changed in approximately one week. An e-mail shall be sent on completion.)

About characters that cannot be used (IT Strategies Division)(in Japanese)

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The menu is not displayed
Where the overall screen display is skewed

If the overall screen display is skewed after you log in, you may be using an environment other than one for which operation has been verified.
The diagram on the right shows the screen after logging in using Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista. The screen does not change even if the links are clicked. In this way, in MyWaseda may not function normally in other than verified operating environments, so please use verified operating environments.

Home screen in Internet Explorer 9 or earlier.

For details on verified operating environments, see the following Web page.

Menus cannot be seen

As MyWaseda is compatible with multiple devices, the screen changes for smartphones and tablets, depending on the user environment, as shown in the figure on the right.

                         Screen for smartphone/tablet

[Method of displaying menus on smartphones and tablets]

  1. Global menu (tab menu at the top of the screen): The screen for the smartphone/tablet is displayed in the top section, but it is cut off on the left and right. In this case, if you tap the < or > on the left and right, you can slide and display the global menu.
  2. Service menu (menus displayed on the left and right of the PC screen): You can select the three-bar mark on the left of the screen.

Even if you use the PC, if the width of the browser window is narrow, the display for smartphone and table shall be displayed. In this situation, you can make it a display for PCs by widening the width of the window.

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