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Peem Petchged (International MBA)

Name: Peem Petchged男性_就職体験記

From: Thailand

Program: International MBA (2011-2013)

Current Job/Position: founder and CEO, PUUN intelligent Co.,Ltd.

My days at WBS were one of the most inspiring time in my life. Looking back now everything seem like a dream. It was always my dream since I was young to study in Japan. I tried to apply for Japanese government scholarship for three times, one when I’m in my high school, one when I was a senior in Thammasat University, and finally, I got it when I was working at Siam Commercial Bank. I quitted my job, packed my luggages, and arrived in Japan in April 2010, welcomed by Japanese spring and Sakura. I didn’t reachWaseda at first, but it was always my goal to study here. I don’t know if anyone
was doing the same but I was walking around Waseda area on Google maps before I actually came to Japan. I want to study business in Japan. Waseda was one of my first options since I wanted to study MBA in English in one of he most prestige universities in Japan.

The first day I actually arrived atWaseda was for entrance exam and interview at building 22. My first impression was that the school was more beautiful than what I saw in Google maps. I was nervous at first, but I felt strangely familiar when I walked around the school. After the exam, I knew that I would spend my time here. 🙂 There were lots of interesting and amazing classes to take in WBS. One of the most memorable classes was Strategy in Online Business’ by Prof. Hackett. The class was discussion based and we had a lot of great discussions with classmates and sometime outside professionals. I remember that we have done a case study of the future of Google and he invited the Googler to comment on our case analysis in class and to have a
discussion with her! It was very inspiring.

Another notable class was ‘Corporate Strategy B’ by Prof. Ikegami. We have done a group work, applied what we learnt in the class and propose a solution to the problem. The classes and group work was fun…and some time even dramatic! We needed to work with classmates from different cultures. It was a great time to learn leadership in practice and international or cultural management.

One unique class type of WBS was Japanese-English joint-classes. We were able to learn and discuss with Japanese classmates and understand what the Japanese way of thinking and culture were. One of the classes I took was Business Dilemma’ by Prof. Aiba. It was an amazing class. We discussed sensitive and morally challenged topic in business management that any business people could face any time in life. I won’t reveal any more topics so you can enjoy the class when you actually take it.

Time flies and it always flies faster than we hope. Our final semester was coming and everyone was busy doing graduation thesis. We were thinking about what to do after graduation. For me, my goal was clear. I always wanted to do business, not because I wanted to be a business owner, but I wanted to do something that I passioned about…to build a product or service that improve people’s lives. I once presented my project about an online business software in ‘Growth Strategy’ class by Prof. Hasegawa. The presentation was about the idea that became the foundation of my current business. I asked for comments from professors and classmates. WBS environment helped me refined my ideas and strengthened my business model.

When I came back to my country, I started a small accounting company at first, which was a fundamental of what I’m currently doing and what I presented in the class. I used what I learned from WBS in my business management. It worked quite well. But I would say many things can be different from what you learned.What is important is a thinking framework, not a solution to a problem. You can’t simple use a solution for one business that you learn in class to another business. There are lots of differences either in business itself or its contexts. It’s how you think to find a solution that matters. That is what I learned at WBS.

WBS taught us to think systematically with many business framework. Currently we are working on a cloud-based Software as a Service call Peakengine.com. It’s an online accounting software for small business that help preparing tax easier, faster, more accurate, and cheaper.We are still in an early stage of business. A lot of challenges awaiting us in our journey ahead. But with the tools I have gained from WBS, I’m sure it will be a fun journey.

Lastly, no matter what you plan to do after graduate, my recommendation is that you need to ‘decide by yourself but don’t think alone’. You are blessed with resources from WBS e.g. your friends, alumni, or faculty members and staff. Take full advantages of those resources you have and go for it!

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