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In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, some services are restricted. See here for more details.


Open Hours

Mon.-Sat. 9:00-22:00 (Borrow & Returning by 21:30 / Enter by 21:50)
Sun. 10:00-17:00 (Borrow & Returning by 16:30 / Enter by 16:50)
Hol. Closed. *Open when classes are held on some holidays.
Open Days (In Japanese)

Library Overview

User Guide


For Visitors

The Central Library is not open to the public, only available for visitors ( who are doing research and who wish to use specific books and other materials owned by the Library, which are unavailable at other libraries.

We do not accept inquiries from individuals about our holdings or usage. Please contact us via your university or institution’s library or public library.

To the Libraries outside Japan Issuing a Letter of Introduction

Researchers and students who wish to use the materials stored in the Central Library for the purpose of research and have the ID and the letter of introduction from the library of the institution they belong to.

Before the visit, please make sure that the material needed is stored at the Central Library using our Discovery Service (WINE) or reference books or inquiring us via fax or e-mail.

  • FAX +81-3-5286-2194
  • E-mail  info-wul(at)list.waseda.jp *Please replace (at) with @ when sending mail.

How to use

  • Please show your ID and the letter of introduction at the Information Desk next to the entrance (on the 2nd floor) when you enter the Central Library.
  • The one-day user card will be issued. You will need to show it when you enter the stack rooms, so please have it with you in the Library.
  • When you leave the Library, please return the one-day user card to the Information Desk and please go through the exit gate.
  • If you want to reenter to the Library on the same day, please ask staff at the Information Counter before you exit.
  • If the document you need is stored in the separate stack room and you cannot finish reading on the day, please consult the staff.


Visitors can use the Central Library within the following time.

Regular Term Vacations
Monday – Friday 9:00 – 18:00 9:00 – 16:00
Saturday Unavailable for visitors. (9:00-12:00, for only those who have special reason) Unavailable for visitors

*The opening hours and service hours may change during the Summer/Winters/Spring vacations.

  • ・Please refer to the Calendar on the top page of Central Library in advance.

>Central Library Open Hours

  • For the service hours of each floor, please refer to the following page.

>Service Hours

  • You can consult and make photocopies of the documents. It is not possible to checkout any document.
  • You can ask for the photocopies at the Photographic Service Room on the 4th floor at the visitors’ rate. If you wish to make photocopies of the material, please come to the Library as far in advance as possible.


>Using the Libraries Notices

Personal Tour

If you wish to make a brief Library Tour (approx. 30 min.), please ask for it at the Information Counter next to the entrance (on the 2nd floor).

  • Preliminaly notes:
    1. You have to be aged 16 (high school student) or over to join this tour. (Junior high school students must be accompanied by an adult; university students are acceptable.) Elementary school children and preschool children are not allowed to join the tour.
    2. The Library Tour is confined to the open space of the 2nd and 3rd floors.
    3. Please keep quiet and do not disturb other users in the Library.
    4. During the tour, you cannot inspect the documents in the Library.

Group Tour

If you wish to look around the Library in a group, please contact the Department of Administrative Services in advance.

Fax no. +81-3-5272-2061

Library Sessions & Events

Guide (Help)

Collection Guides

General Book Collections are located on 2nd and 3rd floors by the NDC(Nippon Decimal Classification) order.
Almost all books are kept in open stacks. Please return the books on the Book Return Carts when you finish using them.


Humanities(General works, Philosophy, History, Arts, Language, Literature), Paperbacks and Oversize Books


Social sciences, Natural sciences, Technology, Engineering, Industry and commerce,
Penguin Books ( English paperbacks )

There are the Reference Book Collections, such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, yearbooks, catalogs, indexes, statistics, and bibliographies, etc. Books in this area have “R” on top of their call numbers.

Reference books can not be checked out. When you finish using them, please return them where they were.

Newspapers & Periodicals (New arrived)

There are about 5,800 new arrived periodicals and 150 newspapers in this area.

Journals are arranged in alphabetical order or in the Japanese syllabary (a, i, u, e, o) order . Popular magazines are in the “Pigeon Box” (see the left picture).

Newspapers are arranged by language and country. Latests of Japanese popular 13 papers are in the Newspaper rack.

You can not borrow these materials. Please return them where they were after use.

Newspapers & Periodicals (Back issues)

As for the back issues, you can find them in the Bound Periodical Collections area. Some newspapers are held in reduced size edition or microform. Before entering, you should check the call numbers of materials from the OPAC.

In order to enter the area, put your bags in the locker, show your ID card at the desk and wear a user’s badge.
You can browse the back numbers freely in the area, but you cannot check them out. There are copy machines inside.



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