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Using the Libraries

Faculty ID, Staff ID, Professor Emeritus ID, Honorary Fellow ID or Library Card is required when using library services, such as entry and borrowing of books.


  • Full-time faculty & staff (Including Professor, Faculty without tenure, Research Associate, Full-time Contract Staff)

Faculty ID or Staff ID is required.


  • Professor Emeritus / Honorary Fellow

Professor Emeritus ID or Honorary Fellow ID is required.

Professor Emeritus or Honorary Fellow can use libraries in Waseda University after taking the following procedure.


◆Please visit Information Desk on the 2nd Floor in the Central Library, when you use a library for the first time by Professor Emeritus ID or Honorary Fellow ID.

◆Please return your library card if you got it when you retired. You can use the books borrowed by Library Card until due dates. You cannot renew the due date by Professor Emeritus ID / Honorary Fellow ID, so please borrow the book(s) again if you need.

◆Please let us know in case your contact information (address, phone number or email) will be changed.


Available Services

◆You can borrow materials as same as full-time faculty do, but we might not be able to meet your request. Please ask library staff at the service desks.

◆You cannot use ‘Library Online Request Form’. Please ask at the service desks.


About Inquiries

◆About usage of libraries: Department of Users Support, Library  Tel: 03-5286-1659

◆About Identification Card: Personnel Section  Tel: 03-3204-1633


  • Part-time Lecturer, Guest Faculty, Guest Researcher, Constract staff (part-time)

Faculty ID or Staff ID is required.

Status: Part-time Lecturer, Guest Professor, Guest Associate Professor, Guest Assistant Professor, Guest Senior Researcher, Guest Researcher, Guest Junior Researcher, Instructor (Part-time) and Contract Staff (Part-time)


Since Academic Year (AY) 2018, Faculty ID Card has been changed to the one with IC chip. ID would be distributed from the department office they belong to.


◆Please attach the sticker of current AY on the back of your Faculty ID or Staff ID.

◆Your library patron data will be expired at the end of Academic Year (on the end of March). *

◆Part-time Lecturers and Instructors (part-time) can use Waseda University libraries for the whole academic year (from April to March) even if they are appointed for one semester or one quarter only. *

◆For Part-time Lecturers and Instructors (part-time) who would be appointed for the fall semester only, they can get Faculty ID in Spring semester at the personnel section if they apply for it. (It may take some time to issue the ID.)

◆Guest professors can use libraries from the day they would be appointed to the end of the academic year. *

◆Other faculty and staff can use libraries while they are appointed.

*If you would be appointed as a Part-time Lecturer / Guest Professor / Guest Associate Professor / Guest Assistant Professor / Instructor (Part-time) in the next AY, your library data can be renewed. After renewal of your library data, you can borrow books beyond the end of the day of AY. Please refer to the following link for more information.

★Patron data renewal procedure for Part-time Lecturer, Guest Professor and Instructor (Part-time)


About Inquiries

◆About usage of libraries: Department of Users Support, Library  tel. 03-5286-1659

◆About the period of Contract or ID Card: Personnel Section tel. 03-3204-1633


  • Retired full-time faculty & staff

Library Card (Green, Blue) is required.




  • 図書館カードは中央図書館2階インフォメーションカウンターで発行いたします。人事課への確認が必要なため、カードのお渡しは翌日以降となる場合があります。
  • 在職時の教職員証は、人事課にご返却ください。返却は、中央図書館インフォメーションカウンターでも承ります。
  • ご退職1ヶ月前からカード発行のお申込みが可能です。カードのお渡しは、ご退職後(在職時の教職員証をご返却後)となります。
  • カード発行受付期間 月~土 9:30-21:00 日:10:30-16:00
  • ご住所・連絡先(電話、メールアドレス)に変更が生じた際は、図書館までお知らせください。
  • カードの種別により受けられるサービスが異なります。各図書館・図書室のご利用方法は「図書館・図書館室一覧」にてご確認ください。それ以外のサービスについては、お近くの図書館カウンターにおたずねください。
  • 「図書館オンライン申請フォーム」はご利用いただくことができません。お近くの図書館カウンターにご相談ください。

Available Libraries

There are a number of libraries at Waseda University. Usage differs for each library. Please check the Libraries & Reading Rooms for more detail.

Available Services

Services at some libraries are limited by user status. Please check the Libraries & Reading Rooms and the websites of the libraries you want to use for information on the services available.

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