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Library Literacy Services

For faculty: Library Literacy Services

Waseda University Library has been contributing to improve students’ information literacy by holding several workshops & courses (ex. explaining the usage of the library facilities, how to find materials, how to use databases, etc) and providing self-taught materials (ex. guides for finding materials, movie contents, etc).

By making full use of those contents, your students will be able to get the most benefit of the materials which Waseda University Library provides, and surely become information literate !!

Library Literacy Services (Flyer)

Application for Literacy Course in Classes

You can introduce some integrated courses on learning how to search materials and the usage of the useful tools and databases in your classes.
Contents of the courses can be customized upon your request. Generally, we ask you to prepare the PC rooms to hold the course, but the consultations are available for the holding date / place.

Contents sample


Course example

How to apply and Contact Information

MyWaseda: Click HERE, you can log in to the application form directly.)
E-mail: lib-literacy(at)list.waseda.jp / Please replace (at) to @
Telephone: 03-5286-1659 (Dept. of Users Support)
Desk: Please come to the Reference desk on the second floor in the Central Library.

  • Standard deadline for the application would be 6 months to 1 month before the preferred holding date.

Self-Teaching Materials about Information Literacy and Library Usage

We provide self-teaching materials about information literacy and library usage such as how to search information and how to utilize the library services. Many of them are available online as PDF files and videos. We also have the materials and hoard of know-how from the literacy courses we have held for many times.

Research Navigation

Research Navigation is so called “pathfinder” made by the library, and it introduces books and databases useful to search materials. Various search guides introduced on this page are categorized according to the material types and the topics, such as “Find Journals & Articles” and “Find Information on Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock printing).”

Library Usage and Information Search (in Japanese only)

Videos with which students can learn about how to utilize the library and how to search information are available online. Contents such as “Borrowing, Returning, Renewing, and Holding,” “How to Search Books and Magazines in Waseda,” and “How to Search Journal Articles” are uploaded, and since each content is about 5 minutes, it is best suited for the use in class.

The Central Library Self-Guided Tour

In this tour, students walk around the Central Library and collect the 10 stamps in the various places. It provides students an opportunity to acquire the basic knowledge about the library such as how to use the library and the arrangement of the shelves.

The Central Library Virtual Tour (in Japanese only)

The video lectures about the facilities of the Library and how to use them are available on Guides & Tutorials.(jump to Japanese page)

Library Workshops

We support student by preparing various workshops which

meet each students’ achievement level; such as from basic workshop (ex. finding books, how to read reference, etc) to advanced / proficient workshop (ex. finding legal information, using citation management tools, etc).
These workshops would be useful as students’ supplementary lessons and also they can be set as a required session for the students, for we provide the certificate.

Contact Information

E-mail: lib-literacy(at)list.waseda.jp / Please replace (at) to @
Telephone: 03-5286-1659 (Dept. of Users Support)
Desk: Please come to the Reference desk on the second floor in the Central Library.

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