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Central Library User Guide


  • Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, and Non-degree Students
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Students from Waseda University Senior/Junior High School, Waseda University Honjo Senior High School, Art and Architecture School, and Affiliated High Schools
  • Library Card Holders
  • Alumni: See here for Alumni
  • Waseda Supporters’ Club Card holders
  • Open College Members over the age of 18 (Extension Center)
  • Users from Cooperative Agreement Libraries (Keio University, Doshisha University, Hitotsubashi University and Kansai University)
  • Special Auditing Students (f-Campus) and Exchange Students under Cooperative Agreement Universities with Waseda
  • Visitors with a letter of introduction issued by other institutions: See here for Visitors

Entering and exiting the library

How to enter and exit the library

  • Library entrance is operated by the automated entrance system with user’s card (Student ID, Faculty and staff ID, and Library card). If you forget ID/ library card, you cannot enter the library. You are not permitted to transfer your ID/library card to anyone else.
  • Those who have a Waseda card/ Alumni Association (Koyu-kai) card or a Waseda Supporters’ Club Card can enter the library with the card.
  • Visitors must show their letter of introduction at the Information Desk and complete a procedure.
  • You must pass through the book detection system (BDS) when exiting the library. For a one-day library card user, please return the card to the Information Desk when exiting the library.

Obtaining a library card

  • If you are member of the university but have not received a library card, you can obtain a card by presenting your ID and other necessary documents at the Information Desk and completing the Library Card Application form. Be sure to bring a piece of ID such as a driver’s license to confirm your name and address.
  • A fee will be charged to reissue a library card.
  • For alumni who do not have Waseda card or Alumni Association (Koyu-kai) card, please complete an application at the Alumni Division.

Borrowing and returning library materials

  • Always complete the borrowing procedures at the circulation desk before taking library materials off library premises.
  • In case that a book or other material borrowed from one of the Waseda University libraries is found in the Central Library, it will be handled as a lost and returned to its original location.
  • Follow the procedures below when returning used materials:

Library rules

  • Eating and drinking are prohibited inside the library. (*Only drinking is permitted in some designated area.)
  • Always carry your valuables with you to prevent theft.
  • Do not use mobile phones inside the library. Either turn your mobile phone off or set it to silent mode so as not to disturb other users.
  • Handle library materials and equipment with care. You may be fined for stains or damage to library materials.
  • Bringing and using cameras, scanners, or other recording equipment inside the library is prohibited.
  • Regarding using computers, calculators, and other devices, please read Guide to Zoning Policy and Rules in the Central Library and use these in the designated locations only.

Photocopy Service

Material can be photocopied

Copyright Guideline:

Under the first clause of Article 31, the Act of Copyright Law, users can photocopy library materials. For the purpose of research, copyright law allows individual to make a partial duplication of library material (or full page for an article in a periodical that a certain period of time has passed after publication).
In case of deteriorated condition of library material, library may not admit to photocopy for preservation of the material.

Maximum limit of photocopy:

Material type Maximum limit of photocopy
Books Less than half of total pages
Collected works/ Collections of short stories Less than half pages of each work
Article published on journal Full Page: For a journal, a certain period of time has passed after publication.
Less than full page of an article: Current edition
Map Less than half part of a map

Definition of “A journal, a certain period of time has passed after publication”?

Newspaper (daily) One day after publication date
Weekly magazine A week after publication date
Monthly magazine A month after publication date
Quarterly/ Annual magazine Three months after publication date

Full page photocopy:

Not allowed (include a material after copy protection period)

Self- service photocopy

For users belong to Waseda University, only library materials which fulfills the copy right restriction above is allowed to photocopy.
Please fill out the title of the materials to be photocopied, pages, and other information in the “Application Form for Photocopying Library Materials” and bring it to the nearest service desk. Application forms are available near the photocopiers.
Non-library material such as personal notes is not allowed to make a photocopy by the photocopiers in the libraries.
Photocopiers are available until 20 minutes before the closing time.

Photocopiers and location

Please see floor map for locations:  Floor Map(PDF)

Type of Photocopiers Printing Charge
Pre-paid card operated
*See “Copy card” below.
Black and White
(1 point per one page photocopy)
(5 points per one page photocopy)
¥1000 bill is accepted.
Black and White (¥10)
Color (¥50)

Copy card

Copy card for Waseda University library can be purchased only at libraries. (Student reading room for school of law is exceptional.) Most of the vending machines are located beside the copier.
Please note that a copy card sold at University Co-op is deferent type from the Libraries, so the Co-op’s copy card is not acceptable inside the libraries.
As for a purchase receipt for the library copy card, please contact the address specified on the copy card vending machine.

Price Value Locations to purchase a copy card
¥1000 105 points Vending machine near the entrance of B1F and B2F, 1F, Copy Room B (2F),
side of the periodicals desk (3F), near the entrance of Bound Periodical Collections (3F)
¥2000 213 points Copy Room B (2F)

Photocopy service by operator

Photocopy service by operator at Microforms/ Photographic Services is available on the fourth floor. They also provide services such as photo shooting and data development of material. If you are non-Waseda users, please make sure to bring materials to Microforms/ Photographic Services. Please do not make a photocopy by yourself.

For more information, please see:


Photocopy or document by user’s own recording devices such as camera or scanner is prohibited.

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