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About the Library

Overview and Mission

About the Waseda University Library

Waseda University Library is one of the largest and most extensive university libraries in Japan and has a long history beginning in 1882 when the University was originally founded as Tokyo Senmon Gakko.

Waseda University Library comprises more than 20 libraries, including the Central Library, four Campus Libraries (Takata Sanae Memorial Research Library, Toyama Library, Science & Engineering Library, Tokorozawa Library), Faculty Libraries, and Student Reading Rooms.

Our Mission

Waseda University Library Mission Statement

In accord with the University’s founding principles, and in order to support education, research, and the contributions to society made by students, academics, and administrative staff, Waseda University Library undertakes the following mission:

  1. To collect and manage domestic and foreign scholarly information and resources and make them available to students, academics, and administrative staff of the University.
  2. To support the publication and dissemination of the University’s scholarly activities.
  3. To foster relationships with domestic and foreign research libraries and contribute to the advancement of scholarship throughout the world.

August 1st, 2018
Waseda University Library

Library Organization & Contact Information


Director : Gaye ROWLEY
Associate Directors : Yasushi ASAKO
Administrative Director : Masahito MOTOKI


Contact Information

Tel. Fax.
Central Library
Information Counter (General Information) 03-3203-5581
Dept. of Administrative Services 03-5286-1652 03-5272-2061
Dept. of Information Management (Library System) 03-3203-4322 03-5286-1757
Dept. of Collection Management — Orders & Acquisitions 03-5286-1657 03-5286-1757
— Cataloging 03-5286-1653 03-5286-1757
— Special Collections Room 03-5286-1754 03-5286-1761
— Periodicals 03-5286-1751 03-5286-1757
— Microform Materials 03-5286-1753 03-5286-1759
— Audio Visual Materials 03-5286-1752 03-5286-1760
Dept. of Users Support 03-5286-1659 03-3207-9224
S. Takata Memorial Research Library 03-5286-1984 03-3203-7060
Toyama Library 03-5286-3528 03-5286-3539
Science & Engineering Library 03-5286-3084 03-5286-3467
Tokorozawa Library 04-2947-6705 04-2947-6802
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