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Getting Materials

Yes. Students, faculty and staff can borrow books and materials from any of the student reading rooms (Political Science & Economics, Law, Education, Social Sciences, Science & Engineering, and Ting Hsin (Commerce & SILS), and the Japanese Language Students’ Reading Room. Please see Borrowing Rules for more information.

ILL is the abbreviation for “Interlibrary Loan” and is the mutual lending and borrowing of books and materials between libraries. At Waseda University Library, ILL refers to the mutual lending and borrowing of books and materials between the libraries, as well as document copy and delivery services. In short, ILL is a service designed to allow users to obtain actual books and materials or copies from other libraries that are not available at the libraries. Please see Interlibrary Loans (For Waseda users only) for more information.

Waseda University Library does not send materials directly to individuals. If you need special assistance, please refer to “Library support for those needing special assistance” and contact us.

About WINE

Full-time faculty/staff, part-time lecturers, assistant professors, research assistants, graduate and undergraduate students can apply to use these books via the MyWaseda. Please see Books in “PROCESS” for more details. For those who do not fit the criteria mentioned above, please apply at the Reference Desk.

Yes, it is possible to put a book that is currently out on hold. Please see Borrowing, Returning, Renewing, and Holding for more details.

That means you can read these materials online. Please refer to “Using Digital Resources” for more information.

Borrowing & Returning

First, please check the status of the book on the View Your Record page. If the book is listed as being out, please return to the place where you believe you left the book or the shelf where the book came from. If you find the book, please bring it with you to the Reference Desk. If you are unable to locate the book, please consult with the library staff as soon as possible since it will be listed as overdue when it is not returned by the due date. Users are responsible for borrowed materials until they are returned to the circulation desk.

There is a possibility that the notice was sent in error. Please go to the View Your Record page to check on the status of the book. If the book is listed as still being out, please visit the Reference Desk as soon as possible. If you find the book on the bookshelf, please bring it with you to the Reference Desk.

The return of books by someone other than the borrower or via post is permitted only in cases where the borrower has difficulty visiting the library directly, such as in the case of illness. However, please note that the borrower will be held responsible if books are lost or there are problems with the postal mailing service.

Yes, the Library provides long-term loan service. Details are available on the Library homepage. For more information on this service at student reading rooms and other libraries, please direct your inquiries to each library.

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