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重要【理工学術院】秋学期授業に関するおしらせ/Important [Faculty of Science and Engineering] Notice on classes for Fall Semester (20/9/23 Updated)

2020/9/23 「情報関連科目実施形態」科目一覧表を追加しました。
Added List of Core Computer Science(How to methods for Online classes).
2020/9/17 西早稲田キャンパスオンライン授業受講スペースおよびPCルームを追加しました。
Added about Classrooms for taking online classes and PC rooms in Nishi-Waseda Campus.

以下のとおり、秋学期の授業についておしらせします。WasedaメールやMyWaseda、Waseda Moodleにて大学あるいは教員から発信される重要なお知らせについても、都度確認のうえご対応ください。

This is to inform you of the classes for Fall Semester. Please be sure to check your Waseda emails, announcements on MyWaseda and Waseda Moodle which are sent from the university and faculty members.

2020 Fall Semester classes at FSE

Faculty of Science and Engineering has decided to deliver some face-to-face classes for the Fall Semester during the Fall Quarter period(September 25 – November 21, 2020). Please check below lists and web syllabus prior to course registration.
*For courses at Cooperative Major, please contact with the faculty members directly.

対面授業リスト/List of face-to-face classes

The following is lists of courses in which parts of the class (including exams) are conducted face-to-face all or some of classes (including exams) for 2020 Fall Semester. Please use it as a reference for course registration.

  • 一覧は対面実施科目の全てを正確に掲載しているものではありません。履修予定科目については必ず、WEBシラバスをご確認ください。
  • Please note that the list does not include all courses offered by face-to-face classes exactly. Please be sure to check the web syllabus for the courses you plan to register.
  • 感染症のリスクを低減するために、対面授業で行う選択科目の一部には定員を設定する可能性があり、その科目で登録者が定員を超えた場合は抽選を行います。
  • In order to reduce the risk of infectious diseases, some of elective courses offered by face-to-face classes may be set registration limit, and in case the number of students enrolled in the course exceeds the limit when registration, a lottery may be held.
  • 掲載科目は科目登録後、履修者数等によって、オンラインでの実施に変更される場合があります。
  •  After course registration, the listed courses may be changed to online courses depending on the number of students enrolled.
  • 複数の学科(専攻)にわたる開講科目は主管学科(専攻)の科目情報のみを掲載しているため、履修希望科目が他の科目名で表示されている場合があります。「科目名対照表」とあわせてご確認ください。
  • When the course is offered across multiple departments (majors), only the course information of the department (major) in charge is listed, so some courses you wish to register may be listed under other course names. Please refer to the course name by the “Course Comparison List”.
  • 実験室所管科目は「実験科目一覧表(日本語学位)」を確認してください。
  • If you are looking for courses offered by the lab, check out the list of “実験科目一覧表(日本語学位)”(Japanese ONLY) or “List of Laboratory Courses For International Students(English based program)”.
  • 学部英語学位プログラム科目の配当年次は4月入学者向けの配当年次を記載しています。
  • Eligible Year of courses for the English based undergraduate program is listed as for students entering in April.

対面授業時の感染予防について/Preventing Infection in Face to Face Classes

In accordance with the university policy, we will take measures to ensure the prevention of infections in the “Avoide the 3Cs.” The specific measures are as follows:

  • 各教室、建物入口、各フロアーに消毒液を常備します。
  • Hand sanitizer is always available in each classroom, building entrance and on each floor.
  • 教室利用は収容定員の1/4程度、または履修者の着席間隔を1m程度空けることを目安として配当します。また教室の座席は、密集を避けるように対応しています。
  • Classrooms are allocated so that the number of students in the course is about 1/4 of the classroom capacity or students can be seated about 1 meter apart from each other. Also, classroom seating is arranged to avoid crowding.
  • 実験科目の実施では、説明の機会の多い教職員、TA等はマスクもしくはフェイスシールドを着用するなど、大学の方針に基づき、別途対策を講じています。
  • In laboratory courses, faculty & staff members and TAs wear masks or face shields, in accordance with university policy.
対面授業に出席する際の注意事項/Notes on attending face-to-face classes


  • キャンパスの入構にあたっては、当日、自宅で体温測定を行い、平熱であることやコロナ感染症の疑いのある症状がないことを確認してください。
  • On the day you plan to come to campus, take your temperature at home, make sure it is at average body temperature and no symptoms of a suspected COVID-19 infection.
  • キャンパス・教室に入る際には必ず消毒液で手指を消毒してください。
  • Use hand sanitizer before entering the campus/classrooms.
  • 教室内では常時マスクを着用してください。
  • Wear a mask at all times in the classroom.
  • 対面授業後にリアルタイムのオンライン授業がある場合は、以下の教室・PCルーム・学生ラウンジ等で受講し、終了後は速やかに帰宅してください。

    曜日 時限 開放教室
    月~金 1~7限 54号館 および 61号館 各教室
    1~7限 61号館1階~3階


  • If you have a real-time class after attending a face-to-face class, you may use a Classrooms, PC rooms, student lounges, etc. for taking online courses.
    【Classrooms for taking online classes in Nishi-Waseda Campus】

    Opening Days Opening hours Classrooms
    Mon.-Fri. 1st Period.-7th Period. All classrooms in Buildings NO.54 and NO.61
    Sat. 1st Period.-7th Period. All classrooms of 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor in Buildings NO.61

    *When using the facilities, avoid the 3Cs (closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings), keep in mind social distancing, and follow instructions on how to be seated.
    *If you are going to be using Wi-Fi connections in the classrooms to take online classes, please bring your laptops, etc. Use earphones/ headphones and do not speak unless it is a statement or a question for class.
    【PC rooms  in Nishi-Waseda Campus】
    Please refer to MSE website.

  • 大学施設利用にあたっては「Support Anywhere」記載事項も合わせてご確認ください。 ※ID・パスワードはMyWasedaのお知らせをご参照ください。
  • When you use university facilities, please also check the information on “Support Anywhere”. *ID/PW can be posted on the notice board of MyWaseda page

In case you cannot attend in-person classes (lecture, seminar, laboratory courses)


  1. 入国制限あるいは国内の移動制限による場合
  2. 基礎疾患等のやむを得ない事情(コロナ感染症の感染に対する不安等を含む)により 保護者・学生本人が自主的に判断した場合

In case you are unable to attend face-to-face classes due to the following reasons, please contact the instructor of each course and ask for academic accommodation:

  1. Restrictions on entry into Japan or restrictions on movement within Japan.
  2. Students or their guardians decides not to come to the campus because of unavoidable circumstances, such as a basic illness(including concerns over the COVID-19).
科目の連絡先/How to contact


Please refer to below website and contact your instructor

実験科目/Laboratory courses

Please refer to Course list and contact the laboratory in charge of your course

2.科目登録/ Course registration

Please refer to below website.

3. 早稲田大学生協の教科書オンライン販売
Online purchasing of textbooks at Waseda Co-op

Please check the textbook for your course on Web syllabus and purchase it as needed.


*Waseda University Co-op receives textbooks in stock as instructed by the course instructor of each course. As soon as the textbooks you ordered are available, they will be shipped to you. Please contact Waseda University Co-op if the textbooks you ordered have not been delivered.

*If your textbook is not available at the Waseda University Co-op, please purchase it by other means or consult with your course instructor.

4.オンライン授業に関するお問い合わせ/Inquiry about taking online courses

Please refer to the following website:

オンライン授業準備サイト「Learn Anywhere」/ Information: “Learn Anywhere” online preparatory website

Online preparatory website “Lean Anywhere” provides several tips and information for you to take online courses.

*ID/PW can be posted on the notice board of MyWaseda page

5 .学生生活に関するサポート/ Supports for Student Life

Please refer to the following website:

6.お問い合わせ/ Inquiry

※成績・科目登録については、MyWasedaログイン画面左下「成績照会 科目登録専用」をご利用ください。

*For your inquiries about grades and course registration, please contact via “Grades & Course registration” on MyWaseda log-in page.

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