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Undergraduate Programs

English-based Undergraduate Programs

English-Based Undergraduate Programs

  • Waseda University offers English-based degree programs at seven undergraduate schools.
  • We accept various types of standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, IB, A-Level, GAOKAO, GSAT, CSAT, HKDSE, AISSCE, O-NET, Baccalaureat, Abitur, Provincial Exams of Canada, etc)
  • Required documents are different depending on the school an applicant will apply to and his/her educational background. For detailed information, refer to the List of Application Documents by Education System.
  • Japanese language ability is not required for application.
  • In order to understand what can be studied at each school, refer to The Offered Courses and Mock Lectures.
  • The Waseda e-brochure can be found from here.

Program Information

School Name Enrollment Major/Program
School of Political Science and Economics September 1. Political Science
2. Economics
3. Global Political Economy
School of Social Sciences September Transnational and Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Innovation Program (TAISI)
School of International Liberal Studies (SILS) September/
International Liberal Studies
School of Culture, Media and Society September*1/
Transcultural Studies Global Studies in Japanese Cultures Program (JCulP)
School of Fundamental Science and Engineering September*1/
1. Mathematical Sciences
2. Computer Science and Communications Engineering
School of Creative Science and Engineering September*1/
1. Mechanical Engineering
2. Civil and Environmental Engineering
School of Advanced Science and Engineering September*1/
1. Physics
2. Chemistry
3. Bioscience

*1 Students who graduating from high schools which follow the education system other than Japan
*2 Students who graduating from high schools which follow the education system of Japan

*For details of the applicant qualifications, please refer to the Application Guideline.

Introduction Movies


School of Political Science and Economics

School of Social Science

School of International Liberal Studies

School of Culture, Media and Society

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Tuition and Scholarship


For tuition and fees, please refer to the following PDF.

Tuition payments are made semi-annually (twice a year).

For first year undergraduate students, admission fee and the tuition for the first semester must be paid at the time of enrollment procedure.

For further details, please check the guidelines for enrollment procedure which will be distributed to the successful applicants.


◆ Pre-enrollment (reserved) Scholarships

Waseda University offers pre-enrollment scholarships, which are merit-based, to successful applicants who meet the conditions for the specific scholarships. We will contact you individually if you have been selected to receive a scholarship offer.

◆ After-enrollment Scholarships

In addition, there are numerous opportunities for students at Waseda University to apply for after-enrollment scholarships and about 40% of our International students are receiving scholarships. You may also wish to seek for scholarships which are provided by private institutions.

Please refer to the following website for further information.

◆ Scholarships before coming to Japan

If you wish to apply for scholarships before you come to Japan, you need to search for information by yourself. For your information, please refer to the link below to find a guidebook for international students provided by Japan Student Services Organization. Some scholarship foundations accept application from overseas.


  • Please note that all the scholarships have screening, which means that you may not be able to receive any scholarships as a result of screening. As the scholarships for international students are quite competitive, we strongly advise you to have a firm financial plan before coming to Japan.
  • Full-coverage scholarship by JASSO is offered only for graduate students.

Student Dormitories

Dormitories Directly managed by Waseda University

The following two dormitories are provided as student dormitories run directly by the University.

Applications are made online during a predetermined period before entrance to the University and are available only to students who have been admitted to the University. There is a selection process in which the University determines students who will be admitted to these directly managed dormitories.

In addition, the period of residence is set to one and a half or two years depending on the time of entering the University. For details on how to apply, please refer to the Waseda University Residence Life Center website and digital brochure provided below.

  1. Waseda International Student House (WISH) (only for students who plan to enter the undergraduate school; separate floors for male and female students)
  • Capacity for 872 people; private rooms; monthly dormitory fee: 53,000 yen (set at around 50% of the Tokyo market)
  • Located in Nakano Ward, Tokyo (a good location that is a 9-minute direct train ride to Waseda Campus and a 4-minute direct train ride to Shinjuku Station)
  • The dormitory has its own educational program: Social Intelligence (SI) Programs, offering a wide variety of exchange events and training opportunities in Japan and overseas to those who wish to participate. (Resident’s Voice)
  1. Higashi-Fushimi Student Dormitory (undergraduate and graduate students, male floors only)
  • Capacity for 40 people; Single rooms (monthly dormitory fee: 20,000 yen) and twin rooms (monthly dormitory fee: 10,000 yen) are available, and it is located in Nishitokyo, Tokyo (a location very close to Waseda University’s Higashi-Fushimi Campus, and at an intermediate point between Waseda Campus and Tokorozawa Campus with access to both).

Waseda University Affiliated Dormitories/Recommended Dormitories

  • Waseda University has partnered with proven private companies and student dormitories run by NPOs to ensure safe housing for students, introducing various student dormitories as “Waseda University Affiliated Student Dormitories/Recommended Student Dormitories.”
  • The basic characteristics common to the Affiliated Dormitories/Recommended Dormitories are the peace of mind that comes with either residents being limited to Waseda University students, or the majority of them being Waseda University students, and the availability of tenancy contracts to international students who do not have a Japanese citizenship.
  • Location, room grade, and dormitory fees vary from dormitory to dormitory. If you would like to consider options other than the directly managed dormitories, please refer to the information about Affiliated Dormitories/Recommended Dormitories on the website/digital brochure.

Application, selection, and contract method

After you are admitted to Waseda University, please apply online before starting school and during the predetermined application period. Please refer to the Waseda University Residence Life Center website for details. If you have any questions, please refer to FAQ  and contact the Residence Life Center.


Many of our alumni have pursued a career on the world stage. Some have continued their research in graduate schools around the world, while others have gone on to work in Japanese or multinational companies.

Waseda University Career Center is available to support our students. Career paths of students in English-based Undergraduate Programs can be found below.

Career Path Information- International Students (Career Center website)

Career Path (Brochure)

How to Apply to WASEDA

  • 1. Choose Your Program listed above
  • 2. Check the Requirements and Schedules from the Application Guideline
  • 3. Create Application Form through the Online Application System
  • 4. Submit Application Documents by the Deadline
  • 5. Screening Result Announcements
  • 6. Registration Fee Payment by the Deadline

Application Period

Application Period for 2022 September Entry

Jan 7, 2022  17:00, Feb 24, 2022 (JST)

  • As the online application system will close at 17:00 on Feb. 24, 2022 automatically, please be sure to complete the application process by closing time.
  •  We cannot accept any application after the deadline with any reason.

Statistics Data

You can see the past statistics data such as the number of applications and successful applications and the successful average scores of standardized tests.

Form for Review of Individual Eligibility

If you have some doubt for your eligibility, please contact the International admissions office before submitting the form for individual eligibility via E-mail.

FAQ and Contact

FAQ and contact information are listed here.

Admission information, such as the applicant eligibility, application documents, screening methods and schedule etc. is described on the application guidelines. Guidelines and designated forms for application are provided on the website of each School.

If you do not find the information you need or your question is not answered in the FAQ page, send the inquiry to the designated contact information.

In the inquiry, be sure to include the information on the school and the application category you will apply, your educational background (your high school, curriculum).

School FAQ Contact
School of Political Science and Economics FAQ [email protected]
School of Social Sciences FAQ [email protected]
School of International Liberal Studies (SILS) FAQ Inquiry Form
School of Culture, Media and Society FAQ [email protected]
School of Fundamental Science and Engineering [email protected]
School of Creative Science and Engineering [email protected]
School of Advanced Science and Engineering [email protected]


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