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One-Year/Semester Program At SILS

Course Informaion and Registration

★In SILS, one-year/semester study abroad program is called “Study Plan 3 (SP3)”.

*One-semester program is a part of the one-year program.

1st Course Registration for 2018 Spring (For Students enrolled in Fall 2017)

First Course Registration Period: March 21, 9AM to March 23, 5PM

【For Student enrolled in Fall 2017】Please refer to this schedule. Details will also be announced through Waseda mail.

★Please complete the course registration online by the deadline.

★The system is not available due to maintenance from 2AM to 8AM.

★Available Course List for 1st Course Registratoin for SILS courses (Uploaded on March 20)


1st Course Registration for 2018 Spring (For Students enrolled in Spring 2018)

【For Spring 2018 New Incoming students】

Your first course registration will start on March 30th. Please refer to this page. Details will also be announced in the orientation on March 28th.


SILS One-Year Program Course Information

  • Important Notes for the SP3 students
  • Course List Update Schedule
    Fall semester: late-July
    Spring semester: mid-March
    Before then, please refer to the previous year’s course list. There may be some changes.
  • Course Registration FAQ→Please see the bottom part of this webpage.
  • Online Syllabus Search

Course Information

SILS Courses ■Spring 2018 Course List(Uploaded: March 5, 2018)

■Fall 2017 Course List (Uploaded: August 25 ★Check the available course list during the course registration period)

■Spring 2017 Course List

Correction on syllabus Spring 2017 (Please check daily)

■Fall 2016 Course List

■Spring 2016 Course List

■Fall 2015 Course List

■Spring 2015 Course List
To see the course syllabus, please use the Online Syllabus Search.
Please note that even within SILS, there are courses that are not opened to the SP3 students as indicated on the course lists above.

■How to Check the Language of Instruction of Other Foreign Language Courses by SILS

Japanese Language Courses
By Center for Japanese Language (CJL)
■Center for Japanese Language website
■How to search Japanese Language courses
University-wide Open Courses University-wide Open courses are the ones open to all the students in Waseda regardless of the schools they belong to.

1) Global Education Center courses (*except the courses conducted outside of Waseda)
■Global Education Center website

2) Center for International Education courses (“Global Studies” courses ONLY)
■Center for International Education website

3) Courses offered by other schools than SILS

■How to search University-wide Open courses


SILS One-Year Program Course Registration

Important Notes & Requirements

Course Registration Guides

Japanese Language Course & University-wide Open Course Information

  • Please refer to “Course Information” part.

Related links

→Please refer to “Formula to Calculate the Actual Class Time” on Curriculum page.

Class Preparation

  • Textbook Info.(at Waseda Coop HP) 
  • Office Hours of SILS Faculty members: You can check e-mail address and office hours of SILS professors on MyWaseda.
    After logging onto MyWaseda, please click “Course N@vi” and then click “SILS Faculty members/Office hours & Mail Address”.

For any questions, please contact School of International Liberal Studies.

SILS One-Year Program FAQ for Course Registration

Let us share the answers to some frequently asked questions.
We will update this page until the registration period is over, so please check it daily.

No. Course registration at Waseda University is basically not “first-come, first-served”.
Students apply for the courses through MyWaseda during the designated course registration period.
If too many students apply for one course, lottery will be held, and only the students who are chosen by lot can take the course.

As for the registration for “Other Foreign Language” courses offered by SILS, SP3 students apply by submitting a form to the office. This is also NOT “first-come, first-served” registration.

However, “Add-Only” registration, which is conducted after the 3rd Registration period, is first-come, first-served registration.

As explained in Q.1 above, if too many students apply for one course, lottery is held.
Those students who cannot be chosen as a result of lottery are “Overenrolled”.

If the course is closed at the 1st registration, they are remain closed during the 2nd registration period since the 2nd registration period is the first opportunity for the students to drop the course.

Also, even if somebody drops the course that was closed as a result of the 1st registration,
it cannot be available again immediately after s/he drops the course.

It is after the 2nd registration period when the course can be available again, in case the course was dropped by somebody during the 2nd registration period.

That is, it will be available again at the 3rd registration period.

It is because you can only drop the courses that are registered, however, “Over-Enrolled” courses are NOT registered. Therefore, it is OK even if “Over-Enrolled” courses are remaining on your list. Schedule conflict will not happen even if you try to register for courses conducted on the same day and same period as the “Over-Enrolled” courses.

a) If they are Japanese Language courses, SILS SP3 students do NOT have to pay.
Because of the system, “FEE” sign appears with Japanese Language courses regardless of the category of the students.

b) If they are some other courses than Japanese Language courses, such as Sports courses offered by Global Education Center, you have to pay.
“FEE” in this case means that you will be required to pay “Audit Fee/Course Enrollment Fee” if the course is successfully registered.

For amount of the Audit Fee/Course Enrollment Fee, refer to the below web page.

How to pay the audit fees:
Payment slip will be distributed at the SILS office from Oct 8th (in the case of Fall 2014).
Students receive the slip at the office and pay the fee at the Travel Service Center in University COOP building (2nd floor, Bld. #17).

Period of the payment: Oct 8th-14th (in the case of Fall 2014)

In that case, it is highly possible that you didn’t click “OK” on the course registration screen.
For detail, please refer to the “Note 1” in “Important Notes for Course Registration Procedure”

To see how to search the courses on the course registration screen,
please refer to the “Note 2” in “Important Notes for Course Registration Procedure”

For the information about the courses that are open to SP3 students, please refer to 1) on the first page of the Important Notes about the Course Registration webpage.

As for the class schedule and classroom information of each course, please click here.


In that case, please take a look at the “Available Course List” which is uploaded on
“Course Registration information web page” during the registration period.
Some courses have already been closed as a result of the former course registration opportunities.
If the course is closed, the course does not come up on the registration screen.

Also, it is possible that some courses are already closed even at the 1st Course Registration. This is because students who attended SILS last semester have “Preference Registration” opportunity before the 1st Course Registration.
If you stay here for one year, you will have Preference Registration Opportunity in Spring semester.

The most possible reason is because the course is closed or cancelled. In that case, please refer to the course registration page on the Center for Japanese Language (CJL) website.
You will be able to find the available course list and the course cancellation information there.

Japanese credit exemption is determined only by the J-CAT result.
Therefore, if you would like to be exempted to take Japanese language courses, you have to be placed at J-CAT level 6 or above.

J-CAT level 6・・・3 credits out of 6 can be exempted.
J-CAT level 7 or 8・・・all of the 6 credits can be exempted.

If you would like to be exempted to take Japanese language courses, you have to be placed at level 6 or above by J-CAT test.
There is an opportunity to take J-CAT test again during spring vacation before the course registration of Spring semester starts.

So please take the test, and if you placed at level 6 or above, please inform the SILS office.

Detailed information will be offered at the beginning of spring vacation.

Yes, result of the J-CAT test is a guideline when you decide which course to take.
You can decide which level of the courses to take regardless of the result of your placement test (but you need to be responsible on your own decision).
Also, for example, it’s possible to take a level 3 speaking course and a level 2 writing course, etc.

Taking “Comprehensive Japanese” is NOT mandatory for SP3.
As long as you take at least 6 credits and at most 7 credits of Japanese Language courses,
You can choose other courses than “Comprehensive Japanese”.

That is, for example, you can do either one of those below.
・Take one 5-credit course and one 1-credit course
・Take six 1-credit courses
・Take one 3-credit course and three 1-credit courses

If the course is the open course offered by SILS, it is counted as the minimum 8 credits because for you as SILS students, it is not an Open course but a SILS course.
This is kind of complicated, but for SILS students, SILS lecture courses are SILS lecture courses even if they are marked “Open”.
For SILS students, “Open” sign with SILS lecture courses means that those courses are opened to the students from other schools/departments, not only for the SILS students.

Except Japanese language courses offered by CJL, SP3 students can take the courses offered by other schools ONLY WHEN the course is designated as “University-wide Open courses”.
As for how to check if it is University-wide Open course or not, please click here.

How to check the language of instruction of each course:

Basically, SILS lecture courses are taught in English and Japanese language courses are taught in Japanese.

For Other Foreign Language courses, please click here.


Once you drop one of the courses with “Registered” status, the registration is cancelled, and cannot go back to the “Registered” status.
In case you drop one of “Registered” courses mistakenly but would like to take it, you have to apply for the course again.
However, it is NOT possible if the course is “closed” at that time.
Therefore, please be careful when you drop “Registered” courses.

No. No matter what the reason is, add and/or drop the courses after registration period is NOT accepted.
We would rather recommend that you make second options in case of over-enrollment and confirm if they are transferable along with your first choices at one time.

First please refer to Q&A 3.
If you are overenrolled at the 2nd registration and if it is a SILS course, you may have a chance to register for it at Add-only registration IF somebody drops the course at the 3rd registration.
However, in case you are overenrolled at the 3rd registration, there is no way to register for the course.
As each partner institution has its own requirement or criteria of credit transfer, we cannot offer all the students what they exactly need. Therefore, to be fair to everybody, we don’t make any exception.

Also, please note that the instructors have no authority over course registration. Even if you get a permission from the instructor, you cannot register for the courses which you were overenrolled.

Actually it is possible to submit the application, however, the excess credits will be automatically cancelled by the computer system. Therefore, even if you apply for more than 20 (or 21 when you take 7 credits of Japanese language courses), the maximum number of credits that can be registered is 20 or 21.
Also, the courses to be cancelled are chosen at random by the system and there’s no way to show your priority. Therefore, please apply for up to 20 or 21.

On the other hand, as I mentioned at the orientation, it is recommended that you make confirmation about both of the the courses at your first priority and the courses you may choose in case of being overenrolled when you ask your home institution if the courses you choose can be transferred.

No. This is NOT because you are an exchange students, but 4-year degree seeking students are also under the same condition.

Basically, most of the courses at each school are opened only to the students who belong to the school because students need to take the courses preferred by the school they belong to in order to fulfill the graduation requirement.

Therefore, each school chooses the courses that can be offered to the students from other schools in advance, and they are called “University-wide open courses”.
That is, non-open courses are offered only to the students who belong to the school.

No. Intensive Japanese 1-2 course (10-credit course) is open only to the students who belong to Center for Japanese Language, and thus SILS students are not eligible for it.


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