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One-Year Program/Double Degree Program to Waseda

Course Information and Registration

At SILS, the One-Year/Semester Study Abroad Program is known as “Study Plan 3 (SP3)”.

The One-Semester program is a part of the One-Year program.

Course Registration

Please refer to the following link.

Schedule (Spring 2020) *May be subject to change without advanced notice

Please refer to the updated schedule HERE.

Schedule (Spring 2020) *May be subject to change without advanced notice

SILS One-Year Program Course Information

  • Important Notes
  • SP3 Curriculum
  • Course List Update Schedule
    Fall semester: early-September
    Spring semester: mid-March
  • Course Registration FAQs → Please refer to the link at the end of this page.
  • Online Syllabus Search
  • Manual for Course Registration Using the Web System

Course Information

SILS Courses Spring 2020 Inter-School Courses between the School of Commerce

Spring 2020 Course List

Fall 2019 Course List

■Fall 2018 Course List

■Spring 2018 Course List

To view the course syllabus, please use the Online Syllabus Search.
Please note that even within SILS, there are some courses which are not available to the SP3 students.

Japanese Language Courses ■Center for Japanese Language

Open Courses

University-Wide Open courses are open to all students in Waseda University regardless of the schools they belong to.

1) Global Education Center courses (*except for the courses conducted outside of Waseda University)

2) Center for International Education courses (“Global Studies” courses ONLY)

3) Courses offered by other schools

■GEC (Refer to “Available Course List”)


Inquiries on Course Registration

  • Office Hours of SILS Faculty Members: You can check the e-mail address and the office hours of SILS professors on MyWaseda.
    After logging onto MyWaseda, please click “Course [email protected]” and click “SILS Faculty members/Office hours & Mail Address”.
  • Please click here for FAQs.
  • In doubts, please do not hesitate to contact the SILS Office (E-mail: [email protected]).



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