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One-Year/Semester Program At SILS

Course Information and Registration

★In SILS, one-year/semester study abroad program is called “Study Plan 3 (SP3)”.

*One-semester program is a part of the one-year program.

Course Registration for 2018 Fall

Course Registration Schedule

Details will be uploaded in July 2018.




SILS One-Year Program Course Information

  • Important Notes for the SP3 students
  • Course List Update Schedule
    Fall semester: late-July
    Spring semester: mid-March
    Before then, please refer to the previous year’s course list. There may be some changes.
  • Course Registration FAQ→Please see the bottom part of this webpage.
  • Online Syllabus Search

Course Information

SILS Courses ■Spring 2018 Course List

■Fall 2017 Course List

■Spring 2017 Course List

Correction on syllabus Spring 2017 (Please check daily)

■Fall 2016 Course List

■Spring 2016 Course List

■Fall 2015 Course List

■Spring 2015 Course List
To see the course syllabus, please use the Online Syllabus Search.
Please note that even within SILS, there are courses that are not opened to the SP3 students as indicated on the course lists above.

■How to Check the Language of Instruction of Other Foreign Language Courses by SILS

Japanese Language Courses
By Center for Japanese Language (CJL)
■Center for Japanese Language website
■How to search Japanese Language courses
University-wide Open Courses University-wide Open courses are the ones open to all the students in Waseda regardless of the schools they belong to.

1) Global Education Center courses (*except the courses conducted outside of Waseda)
■Global Education Center website

2) Center for International Education courses (“Global Studies” courses ONLY)
■Center for International Education website

3) Courses offered by other schools than SILS

■How to search University-wide Open courses


SILS One-Year Program Course Registration

Important Notes & Requirements

Course Registration Guides

Japanese Language Course & University-wide Open Course Information

  • Please refer to “Course Information” part.

Related links

→Please refer to “Formula to Calculate the Actual Class Time” on Curriculum page.

Class Preparation

  • Textbook Info.(at Waseda Coop HP) 
  • Office Hours of SILS Faculty members: You can check e-mail address and office hours of SILS professors on MyWaseda.
    After logging onto MyWaseda, please click “Course N@vi” and then click “SILS Faculty members/Office hours & Mail Address”.

For any questions, please contact School of International Liberal Studies.

SILS One-Year Program FAQ for Course Registration

Let us share the answers to some frequently asked questions.
Please refer to here for FAQ.



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