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Grade Announcement

Please see grades through Grade Report of MyWaseda at the end of every semester.
* When you would like to see grades during course registration, please access grade report from “Menu page for course guidance week” in the log-in page.

*Graduation evaluation results for those who are expected to graduate in Spring 2019 will be available on MyWaseda, under ‘Grade Report’ ->‘Screening Results’.

Grade Announcement Date for Spring Semester, 2019/  September 2 (Mon.), 2019  9:00 am ~

*You will not be able to see your grades from MyWaseda starting from 3 days before the grade announcement because of the preparation. Please check your grades on the grade announcement day or after. Transcripts can be issued as usual during the above period.
*In order to graduate, you must fulfill the credit requirement for each subject as well as the overall requirement (124 credits). There are no exceptions for reasons related to job offers on being accepted into other education instructions.

About Certificates for Spring Semester, 2019

GPA (Grade Point Average)

The School of International Liberal Studies employed GPA (Grade Point Average)starting from students who entered this school in 2010.

  1. Calculation Formula Waseda University uses an evaluation system with a set of conversion rates called Grade Points (4 points for A+, 3 points for A, 2 points for B, 1 point for C, and zero point for failing grades). A Grade Point Average (GPA) is a score calculated by multiplying “total number of credits by grade point (A+, A, B etc.)” and “corresponding grade point (4 for A+, 3 for A etc.) ”, then totaling the obtained figures for all grades and dividing the result by the “total number of registered credits”. The total number of registered credits includes credits for failing grades. Accredited credits (shown as ‘N’) and voluntary credits are not included in the GPA calculation.This will be calculated in the following formula:

(No. of A+ credits x 4) + (No. of A credits x 3) + (No. of B credits x 2) + (No. of C credits x 1) + (No. of Failing Grades x 0)

Total number of registered credits

* The GPA will be rounded to the second decimal place.

  1. Subjects used in the GPA calculation The GPA calculation only takes into account credits that count toward graduation. This does not include voluntary courses and accredited credits (including study abroad credits).
  2. GPA on Grade Report and Transcript of Academic Record  Please note that the GPA will appear on the Grade Report, but not on the Transcript of the Academic Record. We can issue a “Certificate of GPA” indicating the GPA and the grades used in the GPA calculation.

Please refer blelow the grading system applied to students who entered SILS before 2010.

Grade Representation

Grades are represented as follows:(In this School, numerical points are not published.)

Points 100~90 89~80 79~70 69~60 59~50 49~0 Accred-itation Pass
On the grade report of MyWaseda A+ A B C F G N P
On transcripts A+ A B C Not shown (fail) Not shown*1 P*2

*1 (~ Coming back to SILS from Spring Semester) The credits earned while studying abroad are shown as “P” (Pass).
*2 (Coming back to SILS from Fall Semester~) The credits earned while studying abroad are shown as “P” (Accreditation)


*SILS has been decided to abolish a re-test system from April 2018 (Applied to all students)
Concerning the Abolition of the Re-test System(*from April, 2018)

Graduation after 3.5 Years (early graduation)

Brief Information on Early Graduation: You are allowed as a special case to graduate in 3.5 years if you have earned excellent grades in the necessary credits to graduate.

1.  Requirements for Application

Applications for early graduation will be accepted before the end of the 1st semester in the second year (i.e., your 3rd semester). Details will be put up on the SILS bulletin board about a month before the final class. You must meet the following requirements to apply for early graduation:

  • To earn 54 or more effective credits for graduation by the end of the 3rd semester.
  • To earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher by the end of the 3rd semester.

2.  Result

You are required to fulfil the following requirements by the end of 3rd semester:

  • Earn 54 or more effective credits for graduation.
  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Announce to the applicant by Waseda email after the final grades come out.

3.  Considerations in Taking Courses

  • The maximum allowable number of credits you can earn for each semester increases by 4 credits.
  • 0.5 years are added to your academic year when you register for courses.
  • Regarding choosing to take your Advanced Seminar (Thesis) course, please refer to “Guidebook for students”. However, if you wish to be exempted from taking these courses or to change the number of necessary credits, please take procedure at the SILS Office.
  • Regarding the Application for Graduation after 3.5 years (Student who entered in Spring 2018)

Commendation for Excellent Performance (Dean’s List)

In the School of International Liberal Studies, high-achieving(top 10%)students are commended for their performance every semester.  The student’s ID numbers(without details about rank secured) are posted on the SILS bulletin board.

High-achieving students who registered 10 credits or more in the semester are selected according to the following criterion.

Sum total of raw score of each course  ×  Number of credits

Total number of registered credits(excluding ‘N’ accredited credits and voluntary courses)

Announcement Date of Dean’s List for Spring 2019: September 6(Fri.) 2019
*The selected students are acknowledged for their achievement on the MyWaseda, where their names will appear under the “Dean’s List.”

Credit Transfer

You can apply for the credit transfer of the following:

  • Credit Accreditation of Previously Earned Credits
  • Credits Earned toward an International Baccalaureate
  • Credit Accreditation of Language Proficiency (SP1:TOEFL SP2:JLPT)

Please refer to the Guidebook for Students for details. If you wish to apply for the credit transfer, please receive the application form (paper based) from the SILS Office, and submit both the form and the original certificate to the SILS Office. Also, please note that MyWaseda application form for the credits accreditation is not available from April 1st, 2019.

Regarding internship or credit transfer for study abroad, please refer to the relevant website

Grade Data

Waseda University may collect and analyze data concerning grades of its students. Such analysis will be carried out solely for the purpose of improving Waseda University’s entrance examinations or education methods and systems, and its results will never include any personal data.

Web inquiry


Screening for expected graduation

The School of International Liberal Studies conducts two rounds(June, and November) of screening for students expecting to graduate. Results of the screening will be available on MyWaseda, under ‘Grade Report’ ->‘Screening Results’.

*You will not be able to see your grades from MyWaseda starting from 3 days before expected graduation announcement because of the preparation. Please check your grades on the grade announcement day or after. Transcripts can be issued as usual during the above period.

Screening for Graduation Evaluation

Results of the screening will be available on MyWaseda, under ‘Grade Report’ ->‘Screening Results’.

Certificate of Expected Graduation ⁄ Certificate of Graduation

Certificates of Expected Graduation and Graduation are available at the certificate-issuing machines in the following periods. If the release date falls on a Sunday or public holiday, the certificates will be issued only on the next working day.

Please refer to this link for the location and operating hours of certificate-issuing machines

Issue date for Certificate of Expected Graduation

Spring semester From 1 June to  middle of August
Fall semester From 31 October to middle of February

※About the issuance of the Certificate of Expected Graduation at SILS

Issue date for Certificate of Graduation

Date available at certificate-issuing machines Date issued by office
March graduates 15 March – Diploma Presentation After Diploma Presentation
September graduates 15 September – Diploma Presentation After Diploma Presentation

Please obtain the certificates from the machines before returning your Student ID card during the graduation ceremony.

Faculty graduation ceremony ⁄ Commencement ceremony

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