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One-Year/Semester Program At SILS


Grade Announcement

You will be able to check your grades through the Grade Report function of MyWaseda after the grade announcement day of each semester.

Spring Semester 2018 Grade Announcement

9 AM, August 31st (Japan standard time) on MyWaseda

*MyWaseda services will be available until the end of September for students who leave at the end of Spring semester/the end of March for students who leave at the end of Fall semester.

How to check your grade

Please login to “MyWaseda”.

*In case English version of the webpage does not come out even after you click “English” once,
please try the following things: click “English” several times or refresh the webpage.

Official Transcripts

Under the exchange agreement, transcripts will be sent automatically to home institutions or consortium offices for bilateral students and consortium students*.

  • Consortium students: at the end of each semester
  • Bilateral students: at the end of academic year.
  • Independent students and those who need a transcript for their own purposes have to apply for it at the SILS office at the end of the program.

Grade Representation

Grades are represented as shown below. (At SILS, numerical scores are not published.)

Points 100~90 89~80 79~70 69~60 59~50 49~0
On the grade report
of MyWaseda
(For one-year/semester students)
A+ A B C G
On transcripts A+ A B C Not shown

※ The G (failing) grades are not shown on the official Waseda transcript.

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